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The Other Side, Comparative Opinions on Words With Friends

Words with Friends Logo copyright Zynga from http://www.zynga.com

Words with Friends Logo copyright Zynga from http://www.zynga.com

This is the other side of our new Comparative Opinions series that David explained yesterday. I will be presenting my experience playing Words With Friends. I had actually started out initially playing the Scrabble imitation on Facebook that got removed due to legal issues. I did not pick up Words With Friends when it initially came out though.

David and I have really enjoyed playing and will keep up a couple of games at the same time. Now I have always liked to play word games so this game is right up my ally. Although doing it in an asynchronous fashion does create a very different experience for playing a word game.  Continue reading

Console Exclusives

So now that we have a PS3 I have gotten to play a lot of the PS3 exclusive games. In particular I have recently been playing Ni No Kuni and I love it. Which makes sense because I love Final Fantasy games and as Ni No Kuni is a jrpg also it makes sense that I would see similarities. It also explains why I am loving playing this game. It does not hurt that the art is done by Studio Ghibli, which just makes it gorgeous. Playing this game has gotten me thinking about the difference between exclusives available to the different consoles.

Particularly I have been wondering if we missed out on games by getting the Xbox 360 first. Many of the games we played on the Xbox 360 we could have played on the PS3. So what is the difference between getting the Xbox 360 and getting a PS3 earlier on? Also, how might this effect what we choose for the next generation of consoles? Continue reading