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Happy Memorial Day and a Word on Freedom

Hello all! Today is Memorial Day in the States, a holiday which I think has roots timing-wise, at least, with V-E Day (Victory in Europe). It is a day to remember veterans and the people who fight for our freedom.

The other day, I wrote a pretty well-read and well-received post about one of the major results of our freedom: universal education. One of the things that came of this conversation was the fact that in the Western world, or maybe more generally wherever education is universal, we seem to be forgetting the purpose and value of education – the question of why it matters and why we considered it important enough to make it universal.

With soldiers and the military, with continuing sacrifices and continuing hardship and situations around the world, I think that we actually do an okay job of reminding ourselves of the fight for freedom, of the cost of it, of its value. However, the value of the things we have and do because of freedom – we are losing our communal memory of these things.

So what I wanted to say today is, remember the importance of the things that freedom affords us. Remember education, and try to think about what your life would be like without education. Without the right to vote. You do vote, right? And in primaries, because those matter! 

Or maybe the other example: here I am, blogging with my free speech, saying whatever I want as I am free to do so (especially given it’s true and mine). Granted, the furthest I take this is to get angry at people who don’t like science fiction and fantasy… Well, and to express my free right to discuss religion in challenging ways in my Science Fiction and Religion posts.

So there’s me thinking about some of the ways I use my freedom. Here’s the space for you to think about it as well – and hope you’re having a great day too!

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is the issue that will never die. Lately we have been hearing a lot about what has been going on with Net Neutrality with the recent decisions to allow ISPs to charge companies that deliver online services extra money to be able to deliver those services to customers who are paying the ISPs to provide Internet services that they can choose how to use. Today I saw a video posted by Felicia Day created by YouTuber ViHart explaining the history of Net Neutrality and what they see as the problem with what is being presented.

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