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The Timeline of River Song

So, a project Holly and I would like to undergo is to explore River Song on Doctor Who in her subjective order, rather than in any sort of chronological, or episode-order, or Doctor-order sort of way. Having watched all of the New Who, this shouldn’t be a problem, right?

The problem with Time Travel is one that is defined by many. Douglas Adams sees it as one of grammar. However, for the Doctor and River Song, the problem of two Time Travelers, at least, is that you keep meeting in the wrong order.

So we plan on starting this marathon tonight, and I have been researching a recommended order, and thought I would talk about this just a bit. If you’re looking for a Timeline of River Song, I will have that linked below! Continue reading

The Doctor’s Name


The season finale of Doctor Who has been revealed and it has caused a bit of controversy. The name of the episode is The Name of the Doctor. He has always been just the Doctor. The name of the show is entirely a joke on the fact that he is known as just the Doctor and everyone asks Doctor who? If they are revealing the name what does that mean for the show? Continue reading