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Sourcefed Nerd Comfort Zone

So, there is not really going to be a post tonight because David and I are having to put some finishing touches on a few things for a charity event that we helped organize that is happening tomorrow. So it is really important that we get that taken care of. So instead we will be doing full posts on Saturday and Sunday. In the mean time please enjoy this hilarious video of Comfort Zone from Sourcefed Nerd where Trisha and Steve, who do not know how to cook at all try and cook breakfast Monte Cristo sandwiches with the crew from Epic Meal Time. They are really good sports, but it is amazing what they do not know about cooking.

New Finds on the Internet

Recently, Holly and I dropped cable, keeping just the basic channels. This has left us re-evaluating some of how we interact with media. For instance, we’re pretty sure that buying season passes to the shows we watched on cable will be way cheaper than paying for cable – especially given the fact that we tend to buy those same shows on DVD later.

So meanwhile, we’ve started watching a lot more on YouTube. And while we recommended some blogs and YouTube channels early on, we thought we had some more to give you. Beyond just The Fine Bros, who we have also recommended.

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