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Ender’s Game – The Graphic Novel

While Holly re-read the book Ender’s Game before seeing the movie, I took the opportunity to read the short comic series they did of the story a few years back; I found it on the ComiXology App. It was a fast and fun read, so first and foremost, I wanted to do a review of the comic for you.

This is labeled as Actual Ender's Game. Don't remember seeing that with the movie...

This is labeled as Actual Ender’s Game. Don’t remember seeing that with the movie…

But then, with seeing the movie, consider this also a LitFlix of the Ender’s Game comic as compared to the movie. Reviews are coming back very mixed for this film, but the graphic novel is new enough I thought it might provide a different perspective, so I will share that with you.

You can read Holly’s review here. But for now, my thoughts on Ender’s Game: Battle School and Command School. Spoilers to come for the Ender’s Game story in all sorts of media!

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Ender’s Game – Movie versus Book, or, Ender’s Game the LitFlix

This weekend David and I got to see Ender’s Game and for me it was not bad, but it was not particularly good either. Now, I did finish reading the book for the second time probably about an hour before I actually watched the movie. This means that the book was extremely fresh on my mind and I had recently gone through the emotional roller-coaster that the book takes you on. So I openly admit that my opinion might be tainted. I do think there are decisions that they made  that worked due to the fact that they had a limited amount of time. The biggest thing is that the movie felt sort of meh to me, but visually it was gorgeous so you really cannot go wrong there.

Ender's Game

The other part of re-reading the book right before the movie is it reminded me how much I love the book. There are so many little intricacies that cannot be translated to a movie. Most of the book is told through Ender’s internal thoughts, which is really difficult to show in a movie format. At the same time that is the best parts of the books, thus making it almost impossible for that movie to actually exist. When I originally heard about Ender’s Game becoming a movie I was excited, but I did have the question about how they were really going to pull it off. So there are really too many things that I could talk about for how they translated the book to the movie, so I am going to list a few items they did well and a few items that I felt was missing. (Extreme Spoilers for Ender’s Game after the jump – which is to say, I am treating things as though you know what I am talking about.) Continue reading

Trailer Watch – Ender’s Game

So, there have been a few different trailers out now for Ender’s Game, and with each successive one, I cringe a little bit more.

This is a movie that has already gone through years of development hell. It’s finally making it to the big screen. And it’s going through the controversy surrounding the Orson Scott Card, which I’ve talked about a bit before. And it even suffers – hopefully in a good way? – from a cast full of Oscar winners and nominees.

But as time goes on, I really wonder what is going on with this movie. Or with the marketing department. Or someone. Because some part of this – and I don’t know what yet – is not meeting my expectations. So I am going to include a few different trailers, and talk a bit about the book, and so all kinds of spoilers to come – and honestly, I’m not sure if the trailers are worth watching. I really don’t know. Continue reading