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Character Study: Elizabeth


Elizabeth as a character in Bioshock Infinite is pretty interesting. At first she comes across as a typical damsel in distress. There is even some worry that the whole game will be a huge escort quest, which did not look appealing. Then you meet Elizabeth and there is so much more to her. As you progress some of the initial things is that you are not escorting Elizabeth, you need her just as much as she needs you. Her abilities and the fact that the game itself does not give her a health bar gives her a unique position. At the same time she is a vital element in the story.

Her characterization is also interesting through out the game. She starts out seemingly naive because she has been so sheltered from the world. She wants to escape, but at the same time she knows that the Songbird will never truly let that happen. As the story progresses we see her personality change and grow. As she sees more of the world she becomes hardened by the situation around her. The progression that they take Elizabeth on definitely ties with the various story reveals throughout the game. (Spoilers for Bioshock Infinite after the jump) Continue reading


BioShock Infinite Spoilers

David and I have wanted to discuss Bioshock Infinite for a while, but all of the things that we want to discuss were very much in spoiler territory. We loved the game so much that we did not want to spoil it for anyone else. Even if you are not into a first person shooter type of game the story is phenomenal for itself. We highly recommend this game for anyone who has not played it yet. The basic premise is that Booker DeWitt is sent by these mysterious people to grab some girl in order to erase a debt. He gets sent up to a place called Columbia, a floating city in the sky. Booker makes his way through the city to find the girl and bring her back. This appears simple enough at first, but slowly Booker figures out that there is more going on then he really understands. (Spoilers for Bioshock Infinite after the jump) Continue reading

Five Great Parts of Bioshock Infinite

I recently talked about how Bioshock Infinite is still under the protection of the Statute of Limitations. However, I have now beaten it, and have gotten Holly started playing it, so I want to talk about the game a bit at least.

I don’t feel like enough time has passed for me to really say, but this is a contender for being one of my favorite games ever. And I don’t want to just say it – I am mulling over several of the reasons. So after the success of my post about Five Great Parts of Final Fantasy VIII – here are five great parts of Bioshock Infinite! I would say there are gameplay spoilers, but I will try to avoid plot spoilers!

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