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A Story from our Travels

Today I thought I would share a story from our travels. We were on a plane, just a short flight, not a lot of time. We’d pulled out an iPad, like we do, and had started playing Elder Sign. We unlocked all of the locked heroes! Lots of good Elder Sign nail-biters.

There was a young man in the row with us, and he turned to me and asked if I played Magic. I told him I hadn’t in years, and that was that. Well, we went back to our game, and he pulled out his deck of Magic cards, looking through and considering his deck.

And that’s the actual end to the story. We didn’t say anything else to each other, we landed, and we went off to be tourists, and he went off with his family. But it’s also not the end. I kept trying to think of what else I could say to him.

Do I tell him it all gets better, that here I am, married, gaming? That it doesn’t have to end someday? That was the sort of thought that came to me first. Felt pretty heavy-handed, felt a lot like my stuff about what it means to be an adult that I’ve been blogging here.

But then I was thinking deeper. Wanted to say something more generally, about board games versus trading card games. For the latter you have to be in on the hobby too; for the former, if you have it, you can invite others to play. It’s great to find someone, though, who shares your hobby too, your fandom. So this didn’t seem like useful advice either.

Then I realized I could just have gone with the obvious – could have just told him what the game was. Maybe what the game maker was, as Fantasy Flight makes all sorts of great, complicated games that someone who plays Magic could enjoy. This would have been easiest, and probably the sort of thing he might actually have wanted to know, but by the time I thought of it it was too late.

What might you have said or done? Or if you were the boy, what would you have wanted to hear? Let me know what you think down in the comments below!


TableTop Day 2014 Game Recommendations

Today is the 2nd Annual International TableTop Day! If you’ve not been following our Tumblr, you may have missed our second annual 12 Days of TableTop Day. Fear not! As with last year, I’m going to give you a compiled list of our recommended games from this year!

I’ll include a bit about the game and why we like it, too! A number of these games have apps as well, and this is a great way to get into a number of games on the cheap, or to see if you like them! On to the games!

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Board Games on the iPad


Penny Arcade Gamers vs. EvilDavid and I have talked about a couple of board games that we play on our iPads, but the more we have travelled with them the more that I have fallen in love with them. We have created a considerable collection of board games between our two iPads and the benefits for travel has been incredible. Most travel is just the two of us and having to bring games to try and play, on airports, in airplanes, or even just relaxing on vacation would take a lot of space. The space issue also means that there is a limited number that you can bring. We do still have somewhat of a space issue, but that is just how much we can fit on our iPads.

Now playing on the iPad is very different from playing the normal board game. So if you have the ability to play the physical board game there is something about holding the physical pieces or being able to see the whole board which just feels very different. At the same time the convenience of the iPad board games is really amazing. Continue reading

Five Video Games I Would Play (and buy) If They Made Them

There are some games that I wait a long time to get. I think about them, consider them, wait for the price to drop. Get referrals by friends. Lately, I try downloading the demo.

Other games I preorder, or even, lately, we’ve taken to making our preorders into special addition preorders. I’m glad we did for, say, Final Fantasy XIII-2, because it came with the soundtrack, which was incredible.

Because while I like games, and am often on the hunt for a new one to play, there are some that they make that sell themselves to me – some that I know, from early on, or even before I know it’s a thing, that I will buy. Probably early. Possibly often. Because I will recommend and gift games too. And now, you know, blog about them.

So here is a list of five games that, if I get the chance, I will buy. So hurry up and make them, right?

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