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Hawkeye: Comic Series

IMG_0013So being new in comics I was unaware of the types of awards that are given out for comics. I just knew as a thing that people read and had not quite paid much attention to the authors or artists. As I am slowly delving further into the world of comic books, because it is a world, I am finding that author and artist can make a different. If you find an author you like sticking with that author will probably lead toward a good option. The different writing and art styles have been so fascinating to see and just the different way people have chosen to tell their stories.

Back to the awards portion of our show, I recently found out that one of the comics that I recently read and am loving Hawkeye got nominated for seven Harvey Awards and even won Best Cover Artist. So I looked around some more and found the Eisner Awards and Hawkeye actually for Best Artist and Best Cover Artist. I know it is not my work, but it makes me really happy because I really enjoy it and it is nice to see that amongst other creators that it is considered good as well. So here are some of the things I have really enjoyed about it. Continue reading