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What Happened to Almost Human?

From IMDB.com

From IMDB.com

Holly’s talked about it before, but we were really bummed that Almost Human got cancelled. We really liked this show, and had done a number of posts on it, getting invested and then getting let down.

The underlying principles of the show were a mixed bag: some were solid, some were unexplained, and some had been done before. So, to make a better show, you have to do something better, have to be good.

This show had potential, but in their 13 short episodes, maybe they did fail to set up their world enough to legitimate continuing. I’ve been thinking about it, so I thought I would share some of those thoughts here.

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K is for Kennex

KToday I am going to take a quick look at what we know so far of Detective John Kennex from Almost Human. Almost Human takes place in 2048 where technology has advanced at a pace that the police cannot keep pace. Detective Kennex grew up with the increase in technology and the lack of police and laws cannot keep up with the changes. Due to the lack of man power every officer is assigned a combat ready android as their partner. Kennex is one who does not think that this move is the right one for moving forward and actively tries to thwart being assigned an android. Instead he gets paired with an old model android that was about to be decommissioned due to it behaving, what some would say is erratic and others called human. The pairing of Kennex with an android that is not all logic makes for an interesting repartee between the two of them. Kennex character is particularly interesting. The son of a cop, betrayed by someone he loves, and having to live as part machine for the rest of his life.

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Verdict: Almost Human

Almost Human opened up this past weekend with two episodes. The pilot aired on Sunday night then another episode aired Monday night. It was not a typical two part series opener because the stories for each episode did not connect, but it did allow the viewer more time to get acquainted with this new world. Going in to this show I was super excited because it stars Karl Urban and I think he is an under-appreciated actor. If you have seen him in Dredd you will understand.

Almost Human opens up showing us Detective John Kennex during an operation. During the operation things are going badly. The androids working with the police keep telling them that rescuing certain cops is a bad move and expending resources to rescue one person is not worth the risk. We find out that the person Kennex was risking his life for was his partner. In the opening we see that the android runs off because Kennex’s partner is considered too far gone to save. When Kennex tries to pull him out himself the partner is killed and Kennex’s leg is blown off. We start out with a pretty good idea of why Kennex would not want to be partnered with an android.

My short reaction is that I am really enjoying the show. They spent a good amount of time giving us some background into the main characters and giving us background in to the world that the story is happening in. There were a lot of elements that had to be brought in and done in a way that makes sense to the audience. I think they pulled it off. Continue reading