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Donnie Darko – Science Fiction and Religion and Time Travel oh my!

I re-watched Donnie Darko recently, and it still makes me think. It’s listed as my favorite movie, and I think it may still hold that spot.

Some of it is just that it has so much going on. Solidly placed in a moment in time (1988), with great music, a great cast… a teen drama, a sci-fi movie, a battle with mental illness, and what I most want to consider, an exploration of time travel and of religion.

As such, I am going to look at Donnie Darko in terms of two things we talk about here on Comparative Geeks. They interplay so much together, that I have to talk about them both together.

So I’m definitely going to have to say: spoilers to follow for Donnie Darko!

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I told you that story to tell you this one… Epic Music Moments in Movies

Allow me to explain.

Sometimes, it seems like a whole movie can be encapsulated in a well-done sequence. And the best way to do that is usually with a song.

Sometimes, it’s a song that tells the whole back-story, and sets up the rest of the film. Sometimes, it’s the whole climactic ending for the characters. And I have one example of a music video that tells a whole movie in-and-of itself.

Yeah, you’ve maybe seen these, but let’s look at them all together here.

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