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Scenes that Choke You Up

Feel all the Feels!Recently on Tabletalk on Sourcefed Nerd there was a question about the movie that makes you cry. The hosts discuss a variety of movies that make them cry from Moulin Rouge to Big Daddy. Thus, it got me thinking about the fact that I have cried at a lot of movies. I admit it, I will get totally invested in a movie and when things happen that are sad I will cry. I have cried at many a movie, a book, a tv show, and a few video games. The scenes that I find particularly potent are ones that I tear up at in after the fact. These are scenes that I had such a visceral reaction to that just describing them again will get me choked up.

Be warned the following scenes might tear you up. It was even a bit hard for me to write about them. Also, these contain major spoilers so you have been warned. Continue reading

Favorite Doctor Who Episodes or How I Loved Steven Moffat Before I Knew Him

David and I started watching Doctor Who in 2010, so basically when the new series had already gone through the 9th and 10th Doctor. We did not go all the way back to the beginning, but just decided to start with the new Doctor Who, Christopher Eccelston as the 9th Doctor. I do not remember my feelings when first watching the show, but I know it was not long until we were hooked.

David and I made sure to get all caught up before Doctor Who Series 5 started and we got to watch it as it aired, at least as it aired in the United States. Now when we initially heard that Russell T. Davies had left the show and there would be a new head writer, we were a little concerned because we had loved the show so far. At first David and I  were not sure who this Steven Moffat guy was, then we started looking over our list of favorite episodes, and that is when we got really excited.

So here it is: David and my favorite episodes of Doctor Who. Continue reading