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Science Fiction and Religion – Dishonored

In my second post exploring Science Fiction and Religion, let’s turn to a recent game which actually did work hard to create an invented religion within its science fictional world – something that is often skipped or overlooked.

Dishonored - ChoicesA game I’ve written about and recommended before – Dishonored.

The religion in Dishonored is interesting – it plays a central role, both with the interaction of the main character with the Outsider, and with the Overseers. And we only get to see the one deity figure, and the one religion. That makes both very interesting in their creation – they are somewhat unique, in that they are not actually good representations of either. And this fact makes the religion in Dishonored a very interesting study.

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An Ode to the Folks who make Online Walkthroughs and Wikis for Video Games

After some heavy posts this week, Holly and I thought we would end our week on a lighter note. Her list yesterday of books she has not read made me think of doing something similar, but nah, let’s mix it up.

Instead, I wanted to say some things about online strategy guides.

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The Hero’s Progress

The damsel in distress – part 2

Now I get to oversimplify some plots a little bit, and provide a broad stroke for you of what I am calling The Hero’s Progress. I am naming this after the famous Eighteenth Century works, The Pilgrim’s Progress, the Harlot’s Progress, and the Rake’s Progress. I lack the artistic skills to make images for you to match them, however. Maybe one of you can do so.

  1. Something precious is taken (our Damsel, perhaps)
  2. Show up to save it, and find out you are outclassed by the Villain or situation
  3. Find a teacher or Master to train and lead you
  4. Journey around and train up against increasingly difficult situations
  5. The Master is lost or dies
  6. The Hero surpasses the master, kicks butt, and saves the day

So that’s my take on parts that we seem to see a lot in the Hero’s progression, in leveling up, in game story telling, in super hero stories, in a lot of things. It’s certainly the sort of overall story we see with a Damsel in Distress.

Holly argued yesterday about how the Damsel in Distress is problematic because it seems to always be a weak woman and strong man having to save her. From a feminist standpoint, this is absolutely the case. You have a female character who, in the story outline I have here in the Hero’s Progress, shows up basically towards the beginning and then right towards the end.

I am going to take a storytelling approach to the problems here, however. In terms of motivation, we have several problematic aspects to this Hero’s Progress, and ways that they do not match reality – meaning that this story progression ends up making us feel like this is how things should be, without them actually being this way. Like Holly said, if a woman sits around waiting to be rescued, or a man feels he is worthless if he is not the one making more money, we have a problem. And it doesn’t match the reality in front of you then.

So, I am going to mainly deal with the first two aspects of the Hero’s Progress, because that is where there is overlap the most with Holly’s argument – and, as you see from my points, it makes the later stuff kind of moot. Continue reading

Dishonored and Game Difficulty

Dishonored offers many choices - such as, should I ever use this dagger?

Dishonored offers many choices – such as, should I ever use this dagger?

I recently successfully completed a Low-Chaos, no-kills play-through of Dishonored. This in-and-of itself is a pretty excellent thing to exist in a game, but is not exactly what I want to talk about here.

I want to talk about a different aspect of the game, one I ran into by starting the game to try it out – and not taking my non-violent play seriously. There was a huge difference which I would like to discuss.

I don’t think I am too spoilery, mainly talking about spells and general game mechanics. So if you are considering the game, you should be safe to read on!

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