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Science Fiction Today – Geek Culture and Consumerism, Round 2

I wrote a piece a while back talking about geek culture, and its relationship to consumerism. I feel like I had some good points, but in talking to people since then I feel like there are more terms we need to use to discuss this topic.

What has me thinking of this right now is the X-Box One, which plans on having all of the games in digital format on the system – where you can loan a game to a friend digitally, but not resell it as used. But you also avoid the costs and hassle of the physical object.

How has geek culture responded? In a mixed fashion. I don’t tend to sell back many (any) games, so owning them forever works out for me alright. However, does this just make me a consumer creature? What is going on?

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Advances will Annihilate the Adolescent Acrimony of Anonymity

“Bleeping son-of-a-bleeptonian bleeper!”  That’s right – you read my retweet trash, my potty-mouth post, my Facebook filth! What’ve I got to lose being rude to someone I will never meet, never know and never befriend, right?

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