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First Thoughts – Diablo 3 Console

Diablo 3 ConsoleI should first say that I haven’t actually gotten to play Diablo 3 yet for our X-Box 360. We have it, it’s downloaded, and we need some time actually at home to play. I have Diablo 3 on the computer, and I talked about my playthrough of this before. I had some concerns, about how the game seemed to be speeding towards the end-game.

With the console version out, my hope is to play this co-op, with Holly, and as I have learned things about it, I think this is actually really exciting. You see, my first experience with Diablo as a series was on the PlayStation, playing co-op with my dad. Diablo 3 for the console leads me to hope that there will be a lot of similarities. Let’s take a quick look at what they have going on with it! Continue reading

Diablo 3 – Good or So Good?

Photo found on http://www.diablowiki.net/Tyrael

The Archangel Tyrael.
Photo found on http://www.diablowiki.net/Tyrael

As may have started to become apparent, I have a habit of putting games down – and picking them back up. I love to replay games, and re-read books, and this is probably a lot of the reason I have not read or played more than I have.

I put down Diablo 3, probably the game I have most anticipated ever. I signed up for a year subscription to World of Warcraft just to get the free copy of Diablo 3. I fell for the Diablo 2 release date that got postponed a year, so I’ve been attached to this series for a while.

What’s stopped me playing was actually more the thought that Diablo 3 was either not living up to my expectations, or was living up too awesomely. I’m hoping that talking about it will let me move forward. Onward to Diablo 3!

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Top 5 Duels in Video Games

The other day in writing my post, I found a blog post about the Top Ten Magic Duels and Spell Battles. Good selection of battles, but only from movies and tv. That got me thinking about some of my favorites, and a lot are from games. So the following is my list of the top five Magic Duels and Spell Battles in Video Games!
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