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R.I.P.D, a Delayed Reaction

Initially the movie R.I.P.D. sounded interesting when the first trailers came out, but as reviews started coming out it sounded less and less appealing. So we decided not to go see it when it first came out, but recently it came out on HBO so we decided to give it a try. I don’t know if I can adequately describe my opinion partly because, even while watching the movie, it was like it just existed. I will try and break down the problems because the concept seems fairly interesting, although a bit of an MIB rip off, it could have been a fun time. It just really did not turn out that well.  Continue reading

Locke and Key, Delayed Reaction

Locke and Key Welcome to Lovecraft

The graphic novel Locke and Key has been out for a while and recently released volume 6 in trade paperback. David and I have been hearing a lot about these comics and wanted to read them, but cost right now for buying them was a little much. Lucky for us I noticed that our local library was carrying all six volumes and I was able to get the first four right away. So we have been catching up on the series. First off let me say that the series is amazing and if you have not read it then you need to go out right now and get it, either bought or from your local library. This is a series that I might buy now that I have read it just because I want to own it. It is something I would read again and I have not even finished the series yet. At this point I have read through Volume 3 of the series and it is amazing.

I am someone who has not read many graphic novels and am not particularly a horror fan partly because horror tends to just be a bloody mess. Locke and Key creates a world that is intelligent, relatable, and scary beyond imagination. The things that come out of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez are beautiful, horrifying, funny, and extremely clever. The more I read of the series the more I want to read. Continue reading

Sherlock Season 3, A Delayed Reaction

I know that Season 3 of Sherlock has been out for a good long while and David and I finished watching it finished watching it a few weeks ago, but I still thought I would share some of my thoughts. I have read a few other reactions and just thought I would add my thoughts to the fray. I love Sherlock the first two season are amazing and I had been waiting for season 3 forever. Then it finally came here and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because I was worried that it would not meet expectations. We decided to make sure to watch season 2 again before starting to watch season 3 to make sure we were in the appropriate mental space.

When we finally did get through it I still love the show because the characters of Sherlock and John Watson are amazing and the way they work together makes you want to see more. Now this season definitely feels a bit different than the other seasons, but that makes sense. In the story it is 2 1/2 years after Sherlock supposedly fell and died, with John Watson thinking he is dead. They have also introduced a new character because with the passage of time John actually found a woman, which also changes the dynamic. The basic comes down to the fact that the show needed to change and personally I do not mind the changes. (Spoilers for Sherlock after the jump) Continue reading