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Oliver Queen, Arrow – A Character Study

While Oliver Queen is a character who has been around a while in the comics, along with Green Arrow (pretty obviously based on Robin Hood…), we only know him from Arrow. As such, I wanted to explore some of the things we noticed in rewatching the show recently. For more on the character in general, there’s always the recent Death Battle:

There are a few attributes that really define him, two of which are pretty obvious – but the third only really showed up through binge rewatching. So join me as we explore the character Oliver Queen, from Arrow!

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New Find on YouTube: Death Battle!

This week we had a new (to us) YouTube channel recommended to us. The channel is ScrewAttack! and the show is Death Battle. In Death Battle, they pit two fictional characters who are fairly similar to each other against each other. It’s easy to imagine this being done poorly, but they take their time, do their research, and give the characters all their best chances to win.

I am impressed with how faithfully they represent the characters, and really consider them. The first one we watched was Toth, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, versus Gaara, the overpowered sand ninja from Naruto. Evenly matched and powered characters, and they really gave them each a lot of thought. Then, after exploring each character and their strengths and weaknesses, they animate a battle between them, with voice acting and all. Quality Internet video! Check out the battle:

One more video after the jump! We haven’t watched too many yet – they’re longer than we expected! We’re certainly not going to watch all of them, but for all the characters we know? Heck yeah.

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