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Doctor Strange – A Movie We’re (Sadly) Not Going To See

There’s a lot of characters, teams, and general intellectual property being tapped by Marvel Comics right now for movies. I feel like this is easiest to say given that Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be a thing – I’m not sure I had heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before that. Now there’s talk of the Marvel Phase 3 Ant Man movie.

But one long-time Avenger who I just don’t see making their way onto the screen anytime soon is Doctor Strange. But given that, I still feel like it would be fun to cast the character. And actually, for a stand-along movie separate from other franchises, a Doctor Strange movie could be fun. So let me explore for a moment why I don’t see this movie happening, and then let me give you some of my casting ideas for the Doctor – Doctor Strange!


The Avengers called – he’s busy.

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5 Reasons You Should Watch the BBC Show Broadchurch

So David and I have recently started watching the BBC Show Broadchuch now that it has become available in the United States. We are three episodes in with the fourth one downloaded and waiting to watch and we love it. It is only going to be eight episodes long, but so much has happened in just three episodes. Every episode there is a new reveal for one of the characters.

The basic premise is that an 11 year old boy is discovered murdered in the small town of Broadchurch. Being a small town everybody knows everybody else, so the question is in a small town like this who could have done it. Most of the police have never had to deal with a crime of this caliber and cannot even imagine how one of their own residents could have committed such a crime. So here are my 5 reasons that you should watch Broadchurch. Continue reading

Donna Noble Has Left the Library, Donna Noble Has Been Saved; A Character Study

Donna Noble has left the Library. Donna Noble has been saved.

Donna Noble has left the Library. Donna Noble has been saved.

Today I am going to explore my favorite Doctor Who companion, of the ones I have actually watched: Donna Noble. Donna was the last companion of Ten during the new run of Doctor Who Series 4, played by the unforgettable Catharine Tate. If you have been following us for a while you already know how much I love Donna Noble as a companion. I truly believe that she is one of the best companions that has ever been.

Some of what I love about Donna is that she was actually just a friend to the Doctor. The relationship between the Doctor and Donna is simply fabulous. She is not so enamored or fascinated with the Doctor that she just lets him lead her along. The other part I love about her is her story arc is so brilliant. She goes through such an amazing journey from when we first meet her character to her entire run with the Doctor. She is such a great example, in fiction, of allowing a character to be more than she thought she could be. Continue reading

Ideas for the Next Doctor

So over the weekend it was announced that we are coming to the end of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor. This of course has brought a huge range of reactions, from excitement, to disappointment, to meh. A new Doctor can always bring feelings of anxiety because is the new Doctor going to live up to the past? It can be hard to see that new person as a Doctor.

The first Doctor that I saw was David Tennant and that was really only a couple episodes. Then I watched from the beginning of the new series with Christopher Eccleston and it was odd at first to see a different actor as the Doctor. After one season though he was the Doctor, then we got Tennant who brought a whole new and wonderful feeling to the character and he became the Doctor. Matt Smith at first I was not sure about, but again he became the Doctor.

It is really amazing how every iteration is still the Doctor. So with a new incarnation of the Doctor about to be born there have been some great ideas thrown around and here are my two favorites. Continue reading

After Series Seven of Doctor Who… What Do I Think Might Happen in the 50th Anniversary Special?

The other day, I blogged about Doctor Who Series Seven. After looking back at that, I’m looking forward. It was a season of nostalgia, of memories of Doctor Who seasons we’ve never even watched. So, not perfect, but it’s kept us entertained.

So I also blogged about what we might expect from the 50th Anniversary Special, coming later this year – what seems likely, now that the special is the next episode?

I also explored some ideas of what a really epic plotline for Doctor Who might be – in terms of making a Doctor Who movie, but which could also be where they are going with a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. So let’s see if any of these ideas still have traction!

Let’s look back at my hypotheses, and consider what they’ve set up for themselves so far! Spoilers for Season Seven of Doctor Who!
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