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The Mandela Effect

So on Good Mythical Morning today they talked about a thing that they called the Mandela Effect. The reason for the name is basically a group of people got together and all realized that they thought that Mandela had died in prison, but also knew that he was President for a time. Now that is an example of not remember history events correctly, but this same sort of thing happens with movies and many cultural artifacts, especially when it comes to remembering lines. Now a lot of the references on the show were movie lines, but here are a few more that David and I thought of. Continue reading

Misuse of Popular Culture or Wow Really?!

Poster for Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for volunteers

Poster for Big Brothers Big Sisters looking for volunteers

David showed me an interesting ad today and it got me thinking about how businesses will try and tap into something’s popularity even if they do not actually understand the underlying meaning of the media. In this specific ad Big Brothers / Big Sisters is using Katniss Everdeen to say that you should volunteer to be a big brother or big sister. They even used the scene where Katniss says “I volunteer!” as the image. It seems obvious that they understand that The Hunger Games is a hugely popular franchise and that there is a sisterly dynamic, but are completely missing the point.

I have not necessarily seen this sort of thing happen too many times, but I can understand why it happens. Why not use an already popular franchise to draw people in to your business or non-profit? It taps in to a market that already exists so that you can build off of an existing fan base instead of having to build from scratch. When you do not use the media appropriately it can come off as insulting and lazy. Continue reading