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And then there was Cherry City

About a month after my visit to Wizard World I had the opportunity to go to another Comic Con – Cherry City Comic Con, in Salem Oregon.

This was a smaller event, and I find it interesting to compare the two – particularly if I just look at the Sundays I worked.

There were less people at Cherry City, to be sure, and the celebrity guests were lower profile. I saw less cosplay or costuming (though what I did see was impressive), and it seemed like there were more people who had a lower-level of Geekery. Less hardcore, or maybe just less overt about it. Honestly, it made it seemed like it would be a good place for a baby-geek, or when Introducing someone to the awesomeness (and diversity) of the geek and nerd world.

Something that stood out to me was how very many kids there were! So many Elsas, Annas, and other princesses! There was one little girl who was dressed PERFECTLY as Rey (and happy to tell you exactly who she was).

This guy had a great, crocheted, Cthulu mask/hat!

It was a lot of fun to see these little ones running about, happily posing for pictures and sharing about their costumes.

One of the highlights of the displaying were the two dinosaurs – costumed as Freddy and Jason – running around and getting into the occasional fight.

They fight one another!

And they’d fight others!

The pace of Cherry City was slower, which meant less contacts for me (sad on the business end of things), but it was better for actually connecting with people. And it didn’t completely exhaust me by the end of the day!

I’m curious to hear what other people’s experiences at Comic Con’s have been. What kind do you prefer? What is the thing you always want to make sure to do at a Comic Con?


Finding a Place at Wizard World PDX

I’d never been to a Comic Con before.

It almost feels strange to say it, I mean they occur ALL the time near me, but I’ve just never quite gotten myself to one.  When I mentioned this some time ago a few friends recommended that I try out Wizard World.

So, I did end up attending Wizard World  – just not as an attendee… instead I got to combine my love of all things Nerd/Geek and my love of Nail-Wraps by working a Jamberry table at Wizard World in Portland, Oregon.

The not-so-awesome side of this as a first introduction is that I didn’t get to wander around quite as much and, other than a random sighting of Nichelle Nichols (!!) I didn’t get to take the time to go see any of the celebs that were there (if I had realizes that the signing space was SO close to us I probably would have at least taken a moment to wander by, I just didn’t realize how close we were to that area until we were taking things down).

The awesome thing though,  for an introvert like myself, was that I had a purpose. I had a thing I was doing which allowed me to engage with people more comfortably. I always feel so much more comfortable in social situations when I have a job that I’m supposed to be doing (it’s one of the reasons that I was so often the one organizing the parties when I was younger. If I’m hostess then I have specific duties and can focus on that rather than freaking out about how to talk to people).

Anyhow, back to Wizard World.

There were a lot of really great costumes wandering around, and it was really fun to see them all. It was also cool to see so many references that I understood (though there were plenty that I didn’t) and I loved getting compliments on the T-Shirt I chose to wear.

There were some absolutely adorable families dressed up in matching costumes, and some spectacular coordinated outfits. And, really, that’s what this event is about – getting to geek out and be immersed in your costume. So, without further ado… how about some costumes/cosplayers?

This guy was wandering around quite a bit – I rather appreciated the costume!

Mulan! There were a decent number of Disney related costumes.

Generations of Ghost Busters!

Family costumes were plentiful!


Death of Feminism and Lewis’s Law – Throwback Thursday

One of our earliest posts on Comparative Geeks carving out the fact that we are feminists, this post still ends with one of the best, most simple, and most elegant explanations of why Feminism is still needed and relevant today. If you don’t know Lewis’s Law, don’t worry, find it below – and remember it, because it’s a good one.

So this is kind of a supplemental post to my Damsels in Distress post because for some reason after watching the video from Feminist Frequency and watching some of the responses, YouTube decided to recommend some other videos for me. The subject of these videos all touched on the point of feminism being irrelevant, feminism being too extreme now, and why someone chose to not identify as a feminist anymore.

During this same time I also read this amazing post by Laura Hudson on her Tumblr discussing why she feels that it is important to still identify as being a feminist. The interesting thing about her article is the fact that her response partly stems from an article on Salon discussing famous women who do not call themselves a feminist. So after hearing from the various sides I wanted to just put my two cents in. Continue reading

Geek 501: You Must Create!

Finally, another Geek 501 post! The idea here is to give some thoughts on geek culture, what it is to be a geek, and things geeks love. We’ve talked before a few times about Geeks and Consumerism. The conclusion was, geeks “consume” media and culture and cultural artifacts, but that this does not have to mean in a materialistic way: geeks are often cool with subscription services, libraries, and other ways to get access to the culture they love.

I also started Geek 501 by talking about Geeks and Sharing, about how geeks love to share the things they love – with other fans, with non-fans, and occasionally, with anyone who will listen! In some ways, this post is a continuation of this idea. Geeks consume media, geeks share it with their friends and family… but at some point, they seem to move beyond that. At some point, all the ideas of Web 2.0, of contributing and interacting and creating, kick in too. More than consuming: participating, remixing, reviewing and recommending.

The title of the post comes from a theme party we went to in college, where you had to do something creative to get a snack or drink. There was sidewalk chalk, paper, singing, all kinds of things. Apparently the phrase has stuck with me all this time, as the declarative statement that it is. You must create! So follow on for some of my ideas on how geeks create.

Continue reading

Documentary: Comic Con Episode IV A Fan’s Hope

This weekend David and I watched the documentary Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and it was really good. It gave an interesting look at the various types of people who come to comic con. As well as interviews with various creators who love San Diego Comic Con and some of whom have gone every year since they started. In the end they followed six individuals stories of going to comic con. They had a couple of people trying to break into the comic industry, a comic book seller, a costume designer, a couple who met at comic con, and a collector. These are all people who come to the San Diego comic con for different reasons and shows a different part of what the con has been about and is about. Continue reading