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Alaska Robotics Mini Con

Alaska Robotic Mini Con

Alaska Robotic Mini Con

I am so incredibly proud of my little town because we have a growing geek community and our local comic book shop decided to host a mini comic convention. It was great because they got enough community support to hold the con with free entry!

I went with Geek Baby for just a little while and there was so much going on. Unfortunately I was not able to participate in a lot of the happenings, but I did get to walk through the “hall” and look at all the comics and artists that were participating. There were a lot of people there and a lot of people showed up in cosplay even, which was amazing. The number of artists that they got to come to Juneau was pretty amazing. Here are some of the best parts of the event. Continue reading

Tomorrow – First Year of a Mini Comic Con!

Cover to the most recent Capital City Weekly! http://www.capitalcityweekly.com/stories/042016/ae_1268079332.shtml

Cover to the most recent Capital City Weekly! http://www.capitalcityweekly.com/stories/042016/ae_1268079332.shtml

Wow, first a gaming con, and now a comic con! Our local comics (graphic novel and trade paper backs) store is hosting a first-annual miniature (one-day and comics mainly) Comic Con! Here’s a link:

We’re super excited that it’s happening. Sadly, I am working… but Holly is planning to go with the Geek Baby! So she’ll have some thoughts and/or pictures to come. I was looking through the list of guests and came to Kazu Kibuishi and told Holly right away that she needed to go.

There’s a pre-event tonight (Geek Baby needed to sleep…) that Holly just saw on Facebook is standing room only… this is going to be pretty awesome! If you’re in town, I’d recommend checking it out tomorrow. If you’re not, well, it’s still exciting to be seeing new Comic Cons starting up all over and all the time!

Interview: Platypus Con 2016!

Platypus Gaming logo by Pat Race

The new Platypus Gaming logo (by Pat Race: http://alaskarobotics.com/)

While we haven’t been able to do as much this year with Platypus Con as we did last year (just going to throw the Geek Baby under the bus here and blame her…), we’re still excited for the convention – and it’s this coming weekend! The busy event organizer took a few minutes and answered some questions about the Con, now in its second year.

You can find more about Platypus Con on their site, Platypus Gaming, and you can buy tickets here.

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Warmachine vs. Warhammer

Platypus Con is coming up this weekend! The gaming convention that is starting this year in our home town is finally here, and yeah, I don’t know how ready I am for it. I conned (pun!) a friend into helping with leading some tabletop war gaming demos, we have our time slots and tables will be there for us. I have a Warmachine army – the game system that we decided on – and he has several.

So I’ve done a lot of construction, so that’s the important starting point. Models are primed and have even then been airbrushed yellow, and I’ve started doing some painting as well! I’ve moved to trying out Instagram for my pictures of these – give our Instagram a look, and I’ll also share some more here on Friday!

Here's a preview of what I've painted so far!

Here’s a preview of what I’ve painted so far!

I’ve also now gotten in three games – hopefully enough to know the rules and be able to run a good demo! We’ve gotten smoother with our playing, I’m not taking forever on my strategy decisions, and I’m even 2/3 for wins… This also means that I now have a feel for it to be able to compare it to the tabletop war game I learned on: Warhammer Fantasy. So if you’ll indulge me – or if you found this blog post specifically to read this discussion – that’s what the focus will be for the rest of the post!

Update: It was pointed out to me that I have not played Warhammer Fantasy for almost a decade. The core rules have changed since then, so some of my thoughts are out-of-date. It also sounds like my wonderful Lizardmen are going away… And that the biggest change is a bigger focus on the named Character leaders. Perhaps a move to be more like Warmachine?…

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First Thoughts on Warmachine

I actually haven't bought any yet.

I actually haven’t bought any yet.

I mentioned recently that I have taken up the tabletop war game Warmachine to demonstrate the game at an upcoming gaming con here in town. I made this as an educated decision with the help of a friend, and a bit of looking online at prices and such. And hey, I have at least the one friend who plays…

However, I didn’t really know much more than that. I ordered my first clockworks mechs in the form of a Battle Box – a leader and three mechs. I hoped, perhaps foolishly, that this was all I needed to play.

Well, I’ve hunted down some rules information, received my Battle Box, and done some army math… so a few real first impressions now of Warmachine! I’m pretty excited to give it a go, but currently all of my models are in tiny pieces with no instructions…

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