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Broken Bride by Ludo

Thanks to Apple Music, I’ve been getting to round out music for various artists I love, checking out albums from before or after I found them. Checking out live albums, EPs and other projects. One of the best random gems I’ve found this way is Broken Bride by one of my very favorites, Ludo.

Broken Bride is about 25 minutes, and is a concept album of sorts. Well, EP I guess. Well, rock opera from what I’m seeing online. It’s some of their earlier work, from 2005, but the science fiction and fantastical elements are all spot on with their later work.

The basic plot is this: a man in the future is granted a time machine to use to save the city, but he wants it for a selfish reason: to get back to the day that the woman he loved died. Back to 1989.

It does not go well.

And it tends to get me pretty emotional by the end – it’s really just great. And hey, like everything, there’s a few versions on YouTube. Here’s one: enjoy!


The Music of Life

I have written a whole series of posts on the Definition of Science Fiction, as quoted from Frank Herbert. However, in doing so, I have skipped the opening clause, but not intentionally. Let’s talk about that now.

Frank Herbert's Definition of Science Fiction


Poetry as the apex of human language. I’ve read some of Herbert’s poetry; and there’s of course some scattered throughout the Dune novels. However, how prevalent is poetry today? Do we have our cleverest folks penning the apex of human language?

I would argue that, while there is of course still poetry being written today, the main poetry of today is in song lyrics. That’s where our poets are going to work; it’s where they can make money and a living. So today I wanted to share thoughts on a few of my favorite concept albums, where the whole album is trying to tell a story – yet this still happens abstractly, poetically, and leaves me still often wondering what is going on, unpacking and learning more every time I listen.


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