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After-Action Report – First Steamroller Tournament!

This last weekend, we had our first tournament for our small little Warmachine and Hordes community. My friend who got us all started has become a Press Ganger with Privateer Press, the company who makes the game, so we can have official tournaments with official company support. Very awesome!

Which makes our little tournament particularly great, as it looks to be the first of many. We had six people, which was a great starting point, and meant plenty of good games for all. Everyone had really strong army lists and pairings and it made for some tough decisions and play, and some really unexpected game results. Ones that seemed like sure things definitely were not! The most brutal was the last game done, which had maybe a handful of models left out of what was probably 70+ at the beginning. Three rounds, solid play, a lot of fun.

More things died after I took this picture.

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Are the Nerds nerds?

Something we didn’t cover much in our post yesterday is, are the contestants geeks or nerds? There has been some hubbub about this, but it seems like there always is. We feel like we have covered this conversation a bit in our Geek Versus Nerd post. A solid read if you haven’t read that one before – the dictionary definitions, in particular, are a bit disturbing for geek and nerd.

While we felt like we have definitions of what geek and nerd mean, the commenters disagreed and people we talk to… everyone seems to view this a bit differently. Some people proudly accept the mantle, and so then people like them are geeks or nerds. Others decide it is people more socially awkward, or into other things, than they are. And who’s to say who’s right? Self-definition seems to run into the “real” geeks and nerds creating things like the fake geek girl meme.

What does it mean???

What does it mean???

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King or More Likely Queen of the Nerds

My guilty pleasure as of late has been King of the Nerds. The reality show on TBS which is a bunch of geeks/nerds competing against each other to sit the Throne of Games and be crowned King of the Nerds. They have been tested on their knowledge of superheroes, cosplay, fantasy, science fiction, geek music, science, etc. Each week ending with one nerd leaving the house.

At the beginning they had 5 girls and 6 guys. Each “nerd” brought a different set of skills and abilities to the table. There were scientists, professional gamers, bloggers, game designers, and just major fans. Next Thursday is the finale where the final four will compete to see who will be crowned. The coolest thing about the finale is that it is 3 girls and 1 guy (even the final 5 was 4 girls and 1 guy).

With all the prevalence of the “fake geek girl” and the argument that geek girls are this rare creature and yet in the battle for King of the Nerds it is mostly girls duking it out. Now as a geek girl myself this does excite me. It is nice to see geek girls coming out on top. I do wonder if the reason they came out on top is that maybe the competition, at least at first, underestimated them.

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