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Superbowl Commercials Reflections 2017

As you may have noticed, we’re not big sportsball watchers, but it is usually worth watching the commercials from the Superbowl. We’ve hunted down quite a few after the fact, but there’s really only one that stands out.

So good! As has been their tradition, the music carries it so well. Never break the chain!

There’s been some talk about controversy and political statements, and we’ve watched several of those. The connections are vague to current events, and more than that, there’s no way that a big budget Superbowl commercial like these could be thrown together quickly enough to comment on current events. Ones making more general statements about issues, those were more political. But also more obvious.

I was intrigued by the number of unity and equality messages we were seeing, though… but then, after as divisive 2016 was, maybe these big companies decided that was a message everyone would be wanting to hear. Seems that might not have been the case…

There’s one other that I really enjoyed and surprised me. Like, I went from not planning to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie to planning to see it…

How about you – what Superbowl commercials stood out to you? Let us know in the comments – maybe we missed it!

Was there anything good from the Big Game commercials?

So, we were at a party for the recent sports bowl, but it was multigenerational and they decided that some commercials might be inappropriate for the young ones… so they skipped the commercials and just watched the game. If we were hosting the party, might have been the reverse…

We have in the past given lists of commercials from the game, especially trailers, after the game. They have been poorly received, because people catch them at the time or soon after. Others compile them. It’s not something we need to do.

Meaning I didn’t do it this year… but maybe should have. I’ve seen a couple of trailers, but that’s it. So… was there anything you would recommend from this year’s game’s commercials? Let us know or drop a YouTube link in the comments below! And after the drop, one of the few commercials that we saw during the game… and that I did not care for.

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YouTube Geek Week – Memories from before YouTube

Holly and I were talking last night about how YouTube has reached a point of feeling so pervasive, of having been something that’s always been there. But YouTube started in 2005 – not yet a decade even.

These days, when we share videos with each other, it’s all YouTube. When we want to share a video with you here on the blog, it’s usually all from YouTube. But back in the day, we were watching Internet videos, too, and they weren’t on YouTube, but other sites, like Albino Black Sheep and Ebaum’s World, and Flash creators, like HomeStar Runner and Amy Winfrey.

So I haven’t watched much from Geek Week, because a lot of what I’ve seen is stuff on the normal channels I watch with a Geek Week label, like a new TableTop on Geek & Sundry, and an hour-long Table Talk on SourceFed Nerd. So instead of giving you Geek Week, let’s look back at highlights from BYT – Before YouTube! Warning: some videos NSFW.

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Science Fiction Today: Advertising

Advertising is an area that as technology changes needs to get overhauled. People used to have to buy a newspaper or listen to the radio to get their news, but now you can search online. Advertising is the information on the peripheral of the thing we actually want to see. As we have become more sophisticated in how we engage with the world and our chosen entertainment advertising has had to change how it catches our eye because many things depend on the advertising.

It is not always something that is present in science fiction, but advertising is such a pervasive part of how we experience much of our entertainment it makes sense that if the technology is growing that the advertising would grow with it. From science fiction there are a few different ways that advertising is present in the world. From an always on mentality, to a customized experience depending on the person, as well as there being an entirely different model for commerce and therefore no advertising at all. Continue reading