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Science Fiction Today – 5 Ways the World Could End

It’s been a bit since we did a Science Fiction Today post… so here’s a fun one. How about the end of the world?

Armageddon, the Apocalypse, Ragnarok, the Eschaton… these names and more could be thrown at it. I feel like I have grown up in an era when we’ve half expected the end – at the year 2000, in 2012, any number of times around and between. When we’re not expecting it for real, we seem to be thinking about it in fiction – in science fiction, in horror.¬†

Maybe it’s the EMP Museum¬†that got me thinking about it. They talked about how the current problems of the world tend to bleed into what happens in our horror stories – like the original Godzilla in the advent of the Atomic Age. So what are some of the things we’re worried about right now? Here’s my list of 5 ways the world could end!

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Possible Future for the Environment – Science Fiction Today

In our Science Fiction Today posts, we’ve aimed to get out of the political fights of the present, and out of the logistical problems of the present, and think about what these issues will look like in the future – through the lens of science fiction. We have a lot of ideas, but a major one for me has always been the environment. A sticky and politicized problem, it’s hard to find someone without bias, or with a fact we can agree on, on this topic.

The problem as I see it is we are fighting over specifics like what is happening (global warming? climate change? or not?) and what is causing it (humans? not humans? not happening?). As someone who turns to science fiction for my food for thought, I think the better questions are the what ifs: what if the ice caps melt, or what if the earth cools? Science fiction can help us think of what might happen in this situation, and what people might do about it.

So first, I’m going to point out a real life situation where science fiction thinking might have helped, and then look at some possible thoughts for possible environmental situations for the future. My thinking at the moment seems to largely be hovering around the oceans and water, so we’ll go with that. Plenty more that could be talked about, and probably will be in the future.

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