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Marvel’s Daredevil – Review: Season 1, Episodes 10 – 12


So here we are, the fourth part of my episode reviews. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you about the show so far, and look forward to hearing your thoughts before I tackle the exciting season finale!

Episode 10 – Nelson v. Murdock

The episode was character centric, and focused on Matt and Foggy. It was an emotional roller coaster ride as Foggy struggled to come to terms with Matt’s secret. Both actors played the scene really well. Foggy was understandably upset about being lied to; a deep sense of betrayal that really came across.

It was tough to see the cracks appear in their friendship. The fact is, they need each other. Which is why Foggy tried to understand things from his friend’s point of view. The sticking point perhaps, was Matt’s endeavours outside the law – or as Foggy put it ‘running around like a moron and beating people up’.



It was interesting to hear about Matt’s earlier experiences and, as Foggy demanded, he told him everything. In one of my favourite scenes, Matt described his training sessions with Stick. Foggy’s response was classic –

“A blind, old man taught you the ancient ways of martial arts – isn’t that the plot of Kong Fu!” (I can totally see Carradine in the role of Stick!)

He lost his humour pretty quickly though, and I think the last straw, at least for Foggy, was hearing Matt say he didn’t want to stop. Despite Matt’s emotional plea for understanding, Foggy had heard enough.


I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks, which were, again, focused on the two friends. We saw them as university on the day they met, and the scene did a great job of reflecting Foggy’s easy-going personality. It also showed his humour; from deciding to be Matt’s wing man (the next Maverick and Goose), to calling Matt a hero for saving someone and getting his ‘peepers knocked out.’

young matt and foggy

In an earlier episode we learned of Foggy’s knowledge of Punjabi, and the writers linked back to it here. Instead of studying Spanish, he took a class in Punjabi to impress a girl. They made another reference to language in a later scene. According to Foggy they were going to be the best ‘avocados’ – he was aiming for ‘abogado’ – the Spanish word for lawyer.

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Marvel’s Daredevil – Review: Season 1, Episodes 4 to 6


Welcome back for the second instalment of the five-part review on Marvel’s Daredevil. If you missed the first instalment you can catch up here.

Episode 4 – In the Blood

This episode featured Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov, the brothers who head up the Russian organisation. It began in a Siberian prison, an echo of their past to demonstrate their violent roots.

vlad and anatoly

Matt (who we saw applying pressure to the Russians), visited Claire to get his wounds patched  up. Since her apartment was no longer safe, she was staying at a friend’s (cat sitting), and using up all her sick days. There was definite chemistry between Claire and Matt, though I think she was hoping for a little more encouragement. Giving her a burner cell so he could get in touch, wasn’t exactly what she had in mind!

We discovered the reason Prohaszka was eliminated last week – his holdings had already been transferred to the new cab company; doubling distribution. Wesley argued with the Vladimir and Anatoly about Fisk’s input. The brothers weren’t particularly impressed by his criticism over the ‘mask’ situation, especially his gag about the absence of an iron suit or magic hammer. Still, it was a nice Avengers reference.


The brothers decided to visit Semyon in the hospital (the man Matt threw into a dumpster), and woke him with a shot of epinephrine. After learning of Claire’s involvement, they sent men after her.

As Foggy and Matt are leaving the office, with Foggy complaining about their lack of equipment and wishing he’d taken his mother’s advice to become a butcher, Matt received a call from Claire. Upon hearing her scream, (by then Foggy was in a taxi), he dashed into the alley and vaulted up the building onto the roof (throwing the stick was a nice touch). This whole scene was fantastic for a number of reasons – did I mention the vaulting? When he realised Claire was gone, he began listening to the sounds of the city, honing in on the Russian accents, followed by a woman’s distinct scream.

claire kidnapped

He missed them by seconds, but it didn’t slow him down all that much. He followed the breadcrumbs, and managed to save Claire from her captors.

I love how conflicted Matt was during the scene in his apartment. His vulnerability really shows with Claire, because she’s someone he can confide in. He has no fear when it comes to facing the darkness in Hell’s Kitchen, and that’s part of his strength, but his weakness lies in the responsibility he carries – for all those who get hurt in the crossfire.

It was interesting to see the roles being reversed, and Matt doing the patching up this time. He was clearly thinking of his father. It was an emotional scene, and Matt finally decided to trust Claire with his secret. He started by giving her his name – until then she’d been calling him Mike.

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Marvel’s Daredevil – Review: Season 1, Episodes 1 to 3


If you haven’t seen Marvel’s Daredevil yet, then I think a binge-watching session is in order! If you don’t have access to Netflix, it might mean commandeering a friend’s television – I’m sure they’ll buy the whole ‘we haven’t spent any time together in ages.’ Until they catch on, that is. Camping out for thirteen hours is a dead giveaway.

But seriously, I’m sure if you’re a fan, or you saw any of the hype, you’ve already watched at least some of the show. This is the first of a five part review. I will be taking the episodes three at a time (the last post will be dedicated to the finale), and discussing Marvel’s newest addition to the universe.

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