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Looking for something positive? Try CinemaWins!

Holly and I are at various levels of sick, as is the Geek Baby, and everyone else is working on getting posts together. It’s Monday, it’s very Monday.

So that means, let’s let someone else do the talking. I recently heard about this channel, and we love it. Definitely need to watch more of it, but for now, how about a video?

CinemaWins! I love their tagline:

Because liking things is more fun than disliking things.

It started as a parody of CinemaSins, it seems, but what’s great is that the concept has legs of its own, it has purpose of its own. The channel is still fairly new, so they haven’t done a ton of movies yet – but a lot of recent ones that have had some contention do have videos. Check them out! Let me know what your favorite videos are in the comments below.


Bad Blood, Interpretations

With the release of Taylor Swift’s most recent album she also released a ton of new music videos. One of the more interesting productions was the release of Bad Blood, which tries to pit Taylor as an action heroine, which really does not work. So of course following something that is really popular you will often get parodies or commentaries on said videos. Following are two videos that David and I found that we decided we needed to share. Continue reading

Even More Sins with Music Video Sins!

From the makers of CinemaSins, we found a whole other channel on Youtube called Music Video Sins! We’ve been enjoying these because we’ve always liked CinemaSins, but they’ve gotten pretty long. These videos are only a few minutes and easier to watch because of it!

Sorry, today fully got away from me so not much more than this. More details on that tomorrow. But how about another video below the fold?

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Have we mentioned Honest Trailers?

We love us some movies, and we love us some movie commentary. Blogs like We Minored in Film, or YouTube channels like How It Should Have Ended or CinemaSins. Well, somewhere in there we found another: Honest Trailers, by Screen Junkies.

Their most recent isĀ Mad Max: Fury Road, which was pretty spectacular. Basically agreeing with me: if you’re going to make an action movie, make one likeĀ Fury Road!

A couple more recent ones we liked below the fold!

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New YouTube Find: Couch Tomato

Movies? Check. Comparative? Check. Short and funny? Check. All elements that make it so that we have been loving the videos from a recent YouTube channel find, Couch Tomato. I think that the channel was recommended by CinemaSins and that’s how we first found it.

I kind of think this one was deliberate…

Each video they give 24 reasons why two movies are the same. A simple enough conceit! It’s sometimes plot, sometimes characters, generally a lot of both. Some are stretches, or all in how you phrase things… but often that just makes you realize that it’s basically the same character just now slightly different.

And having done a bunch of these, there was also a recent one talking about how two movies that you might think were the same weren’t…

We’ve been enjoying Couch Tomato, so hopefully you will too! What do you think about some of the videos or comparisons?