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Science Fiction and Religion – Bioshock Infinite

It’s a big topic with this game – religion. It’s one of many real-world and historical issues that they decided to tackle and include in the game, along with other big topics like race, class, and ideology. They made the religion important, made it matter. Of course, they also pretty much made it a cult of personality for their leader.

However, the question of religion in regards to Bioshock Infinite is bigger than just religion in-game. People had reactions outside the game to the religious situations – situations that hit you within moments of arriving in Columbia. Minutes into the game, there were people too uncomfortable with it to move on.

And maybe they did eventually move on. This is a topic I’ve wanted to write about since last year – but we were avoiding the spoilers. And I wanted to see where it went – and I was not disappointed. So I want to talk about both the real-world reactions to the inclusion of religion, and the internal events and existence of the religion!

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Science Fiction and Religion – Dishonored

In my second post exploring Science Fiction and Religion, let’s turn to a recent game which actually did work hard to create an invented religion within its science fictional world – something that is often skipped or overlooked.

Dishonored - ChoicesA game I’ve written about and recommended before – Dishonored.

The religion in Dishonored is interesting – it plays a central role, both with the interaction of the main character with the Outsider, and with the Overseers. And we only get to see the one deity figure, and the one religion. That makes both very interesting in their creation – they are somewhat unique, in that they are not actually good representations of either. And this fact makes the religion in Dishonored a very interesting study.

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