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Internet is Amazing

Sometimes I think that we can get discouraged by some of the things we see happen on the Internet. So much news can be discussed about trolls, cyber bullying, sharing nude pictures, etc, that can make the Internet seem like a generally terrible place.

Internet is Large and full of Terrors

At the same time we need to remember that there are some amazing things that have come out of the Internet. Before the Internet, how much longer would it take for an idea to spread globally? But now a celebrity or comedian can mention an idea and that idea can explode beyond their wildest imaginations. Then there are the news stories of tragedy that lead others to try and help out a complete stranger. It is important to remember that the Internet is not all a dark, scary place, but really has the potential to help accomplish amazing things.

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Geeks and Charity

Holly and I had a long day at a charity event that we helped organize and put on, as we mentioned yesterday, and it’s late, and I don’t have a lot of steam. But today did get me thinking about charity, and how geeks interact with it.

I think geeks are a generous and giving sort, but we’re also a sort that fills a lot of our leisure time with other pursuits, and spends our spare money on cultural artifacts. The same sort of time and money those “other people” might put into volunteering and charity. Well, okay, everyone has stuff they do with their time, and everyone has stuff they do with their money – so as geeks we should make sure we too are involved in our communities! Continue reading

How To Find the Time

There are too many things to read, watch, play, etc, there are just too many. I am sitting here tonight wanting to write a blog post because I love doing this. I love talking about the things that I love, but I also need to find the time to do the things that I love. Some of the problem is of my own making: I really enjoy doing too many things and want to teach myself to do more things.

I read a lot, actually reading too many books right now. David and I have cut back on the TV shows that we have chosen to watch, although we could never give up Game of Thrones or Doctor Who. Then this summer is creating an excellent conundrum of what movies to see, partly spending time and money, but having movies we really want to see and others we kind of want to see. Then there are video games which can take up so much time and suck you in for long hours. Then there are all those responsibility things such as work, chores, charity that need to get done as well. It can make a person crazy. Continue reading