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The Meme is Lava!

Maybe you’re heard of this one: the floor is lava!

We saw this first, which luckily gave some good context before it started going crazy online. I mean first up, there’s the fairly obvious.

Obvious does not stop it from still being amusing…

Which goes for the pop culture references as well!

However, I think there’s also a number of pictures that were just waiting for a “the floor is lava!” sort of caption for perfection.

The floor is lava!

However, I’ll leave you with a couple from Classical Art Memes:

Saw this one first, it amused me. Then I saw this one…


Challenge the Challenge of the Challenge

So challenges on YouTube are definitely a thing. For one thing, they can definitely go viral – and once they do, they seem like a way to ride the wave, and to get your video seen along with the others. After a certain threshold of people doing it, it then seems like others need to do it or get left out – so it spreads more.

The best and most known challenge of all was the Ice Bucket Challenge, and there are still several elements of that which are above and beyond anything you see with other challenges. In particular, the charity aspect and the challenging someone else to do it next aspect. Those two aspects, however, drew in big name celebrities to get involved.

I think challenges after that have been just trying to strike gold again, to be a “thing” like the Ice Bucket Challenge was. But it hasn’t happened. That, or they’re just a way to do something crazy…

So, there’s doing a challenge to see if it takes off. There’s doing a challenge because it has gone viral. But then… there’s doing challenges because challenges are a thing being done. Enter: Challenge Chalice.

Fine Brothers Entertainment is no stranger to challenges, with plenty of videos of people reacting to challenges and trends, and then some challenges of their own – like their laugh challenges. But here’s a show just doing whatever challenge because: challenge. It’s been amusing so far! Hope you enjoy.

Final Thoughts – Dark Souls


Nope. I can’t do it. Dark Souls just isn’t my cup of RPG. I had decided to pick it back up and try it, having played only a little bit when it first came out. The big difference this time was playing with a strategy guide, which I was hoping would help.

So I read up on combat. On stats an options. I picked the class I wanted, a Pyromancer for fire spells and good combat potential. I read up on dodging and blocking, and on all the important defensive elements of the game.

It’s a game where basically any enemy can kill you, where you’re always at risk. And where there are potential consequences to dying; you have one try to get back your lost Souls (a combination of currency and experience points) and Humanity (used variously in-game, and passively a bonus to your item-find rate).

I reached the first merchant in the game, read up on what he had. I ground out the enemies in the area, getting the Souls to buy everything he had that I could need – starting with a good shield. But the other thing I read was he dropped a katana when killed, and so once I had bought everything, I killed him, and then I ground out the Souls to get the levels needed to equip the katana.

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