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Meme Monday – Magic!

I may have been talked into trying out the mobile game Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest, which is a combination of mana gem matching and a bit of a game of Magic. It’s fast paced and maybe it’ll help fill the void as all my Ascension and Lord of Waterdeep games have dried up…

But it also reminded me that, when it comes to memes, there’s an entire subset of memes out there: fan-made Magic cards. From concepts, to fandoms, to politics, to whatever else – the stuff of other memes, just expressed as a Magic card. When done well, it requires getting clever about the abilities, the color, the cost, the flavor text. Many of them just leave me scratching my head at some of the elements, though to be fair some of that is the fact that I don’t know a number of the newer rules. Like… what’s a Planeswalker?

I thought I would share a few just for a bit of flavor…

I seemed to find political Magic cards for all persuasions. I do have to say that the every turn there’s more useless tokens about the emails is a nice touch… But yeah, not sure I get all of that one, really. The first card is simple and elegant.

Well played.

That sounds about right.

But my favorite I came across for this post:

I like the visual of the first ability, in particular, as you just pick up and head to another game, already in progress. Which is, indeed, the start to most Doctor Who episodes…

How about you – any favorite Magic Card memes? Has this made you run off to Google to find more? Share any good finds with us!


Classic Board Games – Comparative Opinions Episode 43

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! In honor of International TableTop Day, hosts Holly and David talk classic board games, games they grew up with, and some of the games today that remind them of those times!

Comparative Opinions is a weekly half-hour-ish podcast hosted on ComparativeGeeks.com. Subscribe for new episodes every Sunday!



Music is by Scott Gratton: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Gratton/Intros_and_Outros

12 Wishlist Games of #TableTopDay

The past four years, we have celebrated Geek and Sundry’s International TableTop Day. We’ve led up to the day by showcasing a game a day for 12 days, in the days leading up to the day itself: the 12 Days of TableTop Day. You may have noticed we haven’t done that this year, and that’s because, well, most of our games are currently either boxed up or loaned to others. There’s a longer story there, but for now, the games aren’t around for us to do much with them!

I certainly don’t want to do nothing for TableTop Day, however, and also want to give some thoughts on games for you to check out for the big day as well! Finally, the idea hit me.

Here are 12 games from my Amazon Wishlist, that I want to play but haven’t picked up yet! I had to dodge through the huge volume of expansions to games we already own, but here’s a good list of games that look interesting that we haven’t highlighted yet in previous years!

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle – First Impressions

This last weekend at Platypus-Con, we picked up Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, a cooperative 2-to-4 player deck-building board game. We liked it for the Harry Potter-ness, for the two-player-ness, the deck-building-ness, and for the cooperativeness. So basically, every part of it sounded good to us! Since we didn’t game as much over the weekend as originally intended, we cracked this one open and jumped right in.

Opening the box even is a treat. The game has seven boxes for the seven game modes, playing out thematically the seven books in the series (with art being stills from the movies). So you read some rules, crack open box one, and get started!

We’ve now played through book 4/game 4.

You play one of four heroes, the three you would expect, and Neville Longbottom. Each have a starting deck with mostly the same cards, but a couple of unique ones which help guide some of your deck selection. Your objective is to defeat the villain cards – all of them, one at a time. Your ticking clock is that you are defending locations from the book that the villains are claiming. You’re also managing character health, and then your money and fight resources.

The common goal of course makes the game cooperative, but there are a lot of cards – and more as you go along – that help multiple people or let you choose who to help. You can give others resources to use on their turn, or especially heal people up – or just straight-up card drawing.

The game gets harder as you go because in each book, you are adding more cards to the decks – more helpful cards for your characters to buy, yes, but also more dark event cards, and especially more villains. You just add them on in, more and more each game as you go along. Game 4 was not easy!

There’s a lot of games you can sort of compare this one to. Obviously most deck building games can be compared together just on this mechanic, although of those the best comparison is probably Legendary, the Marvel superhero deck building game. In Legendary, you’re also playing against a villain deck and such. There’s differences in how it plays out, elements that fit the themes differently, but it’s one comparison. I haven’t played much Legendary, but I will say I have enjoyed this game so far a lot more.

Another comparison is to the reveal-the-game-state sorts of games like Time Stories or Pandemic Legacy. The boxes for each book, complete with rules updates as you move forward, provide for a changing experience, increased difficulty, and surprises. We may have opened the rest and peaked ahead… Unlike the Legacy type games, the changes aren’t permanent (the cards say on the front which year they belong to so you can separate them back out if you want to). And unlike a game like Time Stories where you kind of “solve” the mysteries and hidden elements, the surprises in this are more for fun than anything else.

Which means for me, I think this game more resembles something like Level 7 Escape, where you’re cooperatively fighting your way through, and you move from one challenge to the next in an evolving game. You can go back and replay the whole thing from the top, or replay whichever game experience you want from the middle. Or just play the final battle over again! The gameplay itself is different, as that was a board exploration RPG sort of game, but it’s still a good comparison for overall feel.

The overall experience of the game, the box and its contents, the board and its laid-out areas, the cards… we’ve liked it all so far. The difficulty has definitely picked up with each successive game, and the advice we heard that experience deck-building players could probably start with year 3 wasn’t wrong. Still, it was fun to play those early years, with the limited spell roster and only a few friends and items!

Oh speaking of advice, we got that from noticing a how-to-play video on Geek & Sundry! I’ll leave you with that. Let me know if you have any questions or comments on the game!

A Quick Recap on Platypus-Con 2017

So we didn’t make it to as much of Platypus-Con 2017 as we’d hoped to, but then, they didn’t need us to.

Sounds like it was very well attended! I didn’t make it until Sunday (and Holly sadly didn’t make it at all, darn being sick!), which meant I didn’t get a commemorative d6 – which is too bad, as I use mine all the time. At least I made it before they sold out!

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