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Are We In The True Timeline? – Final Fantasy XIII-2

Last week I wrote a post recommending that you play, or complete, the Final Fantasy XIII games. Next week, Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns comes out; Holly reviewed the Demo for that, which gave a lot of insight into the plot, and also the gameplay, of what is one of our most anticipated games of the year.

final fantasy xiii-2 collector's edition strategy guide

I’ve been finishing up side quests and Paradox Endings, getting ready for Lightning Returns!

That makes this week the right time, I feel, for a nice, spoilery, Time-Travel post about this game, right? Except, this game is two years old now… and the blog is one year old… meaning yeah, we’ve definitely already written that post. Holly actually did a really great explanation of the time travel in Final Fantasy XIII-2 last year. So many great elements – paradoxes, competing timelines, paradox endings, prophecies… good stuff. But she has that covered.

So instead, let’s take that time travel into a philosophical place. The statement from the game is: if you change the future, you change the past. First, I’ll look at what this means in the game or in general as a statement, and then, let’s carry it into the future. It also ties into another concept from the game: the idea of the “True Timeline,” which is effectively, the one that exists before time travel tampering. Or is it the one with the best outcome? Let’s consider these questions, and our own world!

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Favorite Final Fantasy Villains

Meteor_Logo_ArtYesterday Holly did a list of some of our favorite Final Fantasy Heroes. And while the heroes get the most airtime, for sure – you control them, after all, throughout what is generally 60+ hours – the villains are a major part as well. Though there is often an underlying order-vs-chaos sort of story going on, and many of the earlier bosses were just personified Chaos (and they certainly play this up in the Dissidia games), many of the villains have their own life and story and are interesting in their own right. So here are my favorites of the villains from the Final Fantasy series!

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