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Meme Monday – Change my dear, and not a moment too soon!

The announcement came in! New Doctor! And it’s a woman, as they have been toying with and teasing for a few Doctors now. They tested the waters with Missy, the female Master. But now, Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor.

There we are, the foreshadowing come true. I mean, we didn’t have to wait long from this line…

We were just kind of happy and content, trying to remember her acting from the main thing we’ve seen her in – Broadchurch, which we loved. However, apparently there was a whole different reaction – which we would not have known about without the memes and comments against their reaction.

Wait what?

Oh. Oh because of course. This would of course be the next battleground for the reactionaries to defend fandoms from most any sort of change or diversity. I saw at least one place with evidence that there were people coming over and commenting and causing trouble without being fans: on the following image, where I sadly went into the comments (trying to figure out what all the hubbub was about).

Because there were people who counted, and pointed out there were 14 there. So she’s the 14th Doctor. I hate to push my glasses up my nose and say “well, any fan would know…” but I’m going to do it here. Because the answer lies in the heavily advertised and televised 50th Anniversary Special, and the War Doctor. He is the same character, in terms of regeneration, but is not “the Doctor.” He was ret-conned in and explained, and is being honored by inclusion in an image like this.

It’s a thing.

So yeah, people were mobilized to speak out against this without being truly invested – so when they say they won’t watch the show now, well, I’m betting they already weren’t.

Meanwhile, there were other complaints.

Thanks Nardole.

Meanwhile, can we move on and be concerned about the plot ramifications? About the next companion, how the Doctor will react, and what reasons there might be for it? There’s at least one going theory…

Thoughts on Doctor Who: Series 10

Found on http://persephonemagazine.com/2013/11/new-show-recap-doctor-who-50th-anniversary-special-the-day-of-the-doctor/capaldi-eyebrows/

So yesterday Julia mentioned that the future showrunner of Doctor Who has been selected – Chris Chibnall, of Broadchurch fame. This meant that the vague rumblings I’d heard about Steven Moffat being out were true, or at least at some point true – so I ran to the Internet to find out more.

Have a link! It seems Moffat will complete his run with Series 10, which will indeed air Spring 2017, as feared. I had called this one of the things I was excited for this year – especially getting a new companion, since Clara was ever ill-used. Looks like I am losing this to next year, making comic-book-related media an even larger part of my year.

And since it sounds like Series 10 has not been written yet, there’s nothing on the new companion for now – nor about whether Peter Capaldi’s contract, which only goes through this coming season, will be renewed or not.

What do you think about these Doctor Who rumors and plans? Happy to see Moffat go? Scared of what will happen with the Doctor and his companion? Trying to imagine Doctor Who in the style of Broadchurch? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

What I’m watching on Netflix

It’s almost the end of the month, and everyone is talking about what’s coming and going on Netflix (catch up on Doctor Who if you’re behind, even though they struck a deal it’s still apparently leaving Netflix for the time being). But personally I’ve finally had time to try out some new shows and I have some recommendations.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23


Back in college, I actually had one of the cinematographers from this show come and talk to a film class about his work, and he mentioned working on the pilot for this and selling the show to the network. I wanted to watch it when it was on TV, but I’ve gotten into this awful habit of not watching shows live anymore, mostly out of laziness. Both seasons of it are on Netflix now, and especially after the wonder that was Jessica Jones I had to check it out.

I’m really happy that I did! If you appreciate weird, hilarious scenarios, James Van Der Beek being ridiculous (he plays himself and can’t seem to get away from his Dawson’s Creek fame), and dry humor, you’ll love this show. Krysten Ritter shines in a role apparently inspired by Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, although portrayed here as a scam artist in New York who does whatever she pleases at everyone else’s expense. It’s well worth checking out, especially if you need to just veg on the couch for a bit after a long day at work.



I absolutely love this show. I’m already on a second viewing (once through on my own, and now I’m making P watch it so I have someone to talk about it with). The first season was filmed essentially using the process of “dailies” with the script; every actor took their roles knowing they could be the killer, and no one knew who it was until the last episode was being filmed. The show is moody, it’s dark, it’s slow paced in the best sense, and so well acted that I often found myself sitting on the edge of my seat.

There are plenty of familiar faces (just look at the promotional poster!) and now that the creator, Chris Chibnall, is taking over Doctor Who starting with season 10, I highly recommend checking this out to see what’s in store, and also because it’s an amazing drama.

New Girl


Being a 20/30 something who has had roommates and even just incredibly close friends, I think this show is amazingly relatable. As with any sitcom, the characters and situations are hilariously unrealistic at times, but that’s definitely part of the appeal. The acting and writing are incredibly well done, and it’s another fantastic show to take your mind off how much work and life can suck.

Maybe now P and I will finally find time to watch some super hero shows together, like Arrow and Daredevil.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

First Impression, Gracepoint

The first episode of Gracepoint, the American re-make of the BBC Broadchurch, aired last week. Now one caveat with the look at Gracepoint, is that David and I watched and loved Broadchurch, so there was definitely a high standard that we were and are holding this show to. Unfortunately the show did not quite meet that standard. Some of the problem could revolve around the fact that we kind of already know what happens (even though there are claims that the ending could be different). It is difficult watching something when you know what is happening, but everything just feels slightly off. I think one of the problems though is that the characters were so good in the BBC version and the characters in the American version just fell a little flat for me. In the end the big thing is that there was nothing that grabbed my attention enough to make me want to really continue watching. (Spoilers for Gracepoint after the jump.) Continue reading

Geek 501 – Sherlock

With our Geek 501 posts, we try to give you a primer or introduction on a topic. For today, it’s BBC’s smash hit, Sherlock. Part of a trend of retelling the Sherlock Holmes stories these days, including the two films with Robert Downey Jr., and the new TV show Elementary. There have been plenty of Sherlock Holmes remakes and stories ever since the books came out… For instance, to reference my post yesterday, there’s Sherlock Holmes adventures in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

With so many retellings of these stories, what makes Sherlock so special? There are all sorts of reasons it might be. The rising star that is Benedict Cumberbatch. The success of bringing the story into the modern age. Steven Moffat. Martin Freeman as the English Everyman. However, I have a different argument.

Rather than tell you every odd and end of the show, I’m going to explore the question that I think answers the success of the show – what do you call Sherlock? If you’re looking for an intro to the show, try this introduction by the folks over at For Human Peoples:

Continue reading