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Top 5 Ways That a Baby is Like CL4P-TP (Clap-Trap)

CL4P-TP Corollary

Liked CL4P-TP so much that it’s the centerpiece of my Warmachine army.

A while back, and with a younger Geek Baby, I talked about how a baby is a lot like a bad boss. As the Geek Baby has grown, I’ve come to think of another strong analogy for what I am reminded of.

Beyond looking good in yellow and being short and fast, a baby is a lot like CL4P-TP, or Clap-Trap, from the Borderlands video game franchise. A prominent NPC in the first two games, and a playable character in the third game…  the game 1.5? The Pre-Sequel. Clap-trap is always good for a laugh, for an annoyance, and sometimes for the plot. In the second game, he is your early-game tutorial. He’s the antagonist of a DLC in the first game.

And he’s incredibly quotable.

So here are my top five reasons that a baby is a lot like CL4P-TP.

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Julia’s Best of 2015

This is a Comp Geek tradition, but it’s my first year partaking! David and Holly have already done theirs, so now it’s my turn. 2015 went by so fast that I had to Google which movies and video games came out this year because most of the ones I was thinking of came out last year (Interstellar, Dragon Age: Inquisition) and I was incredibly confused…It was a busy, hectic kind of year, but it definitely had some awesome geekness hiding in its folds Continue reading

Update on Warmachine – Journeyman League time!

Syntherion Battle Box - Borderlands Style

Tonight was the start of our first event with our Warmachine (and Hordes) community – the start of our Journeyman League! I’m finding what I expected, that the early weeks are going to be painful for me…

It’s designed for learning and growing a new army or starting into the game, and we have both of those going on. We have seven people signed up! So two new armies, four new players (three brand new)… and me.

With the Geek Baby, starting a new army just was not in the cards for me. Between buying – money! – and constructing a new army, I didn’t think it was even plausible. Then there’s choosing a new army… I wasn’t doing too well at that either!

So you can get points in the League for playing games, with three for a win or two for a loss. So not a huge difference, and it’s designed to promote playing the game. There’s also points for painting, and that’s going to be a lot of my goal. Since I’m not playing a new army, it’s time to get some of my new stuff painted.

Some of my new stuff – birthday loot! – only just arrived today. Timing! I set them all up, proof-of-life style, with today’s paper. So I have some to build, and some to paint – plenty to keep me busy!

I will also say that I am really enjoying the Borderlands theme I am going with. My leader is the Handsome Jack looking guy – complete with a mask – so that’s fun as well. Then lots of Hyperion yellow…

I’ll try to keep most everything to Instagram on this, but it’s a big thing going on with me right now so thought I would share! I’m particularly excited – and daunted – to build the big guy, the Prime Axiom. I’m planning on playing him in the later weeks of the League, once we get to high enough points. That way I am learning something new – a Colossal like that has its own set of rules! It’s basically a gigantic gun platform. With tow cables on the shoulders.

Yep, I’m looking forward to the later weeks… Just have to grin and bear it now!

I could answer questions if you have any in the comments, or share more pictures, including the inspiration pictures from Borderlands!

Mad Max Fury Road: Feminism and Movie Review

Yesterday Holly reviewed one of the things that stood out most starkly and surprised us most when we got to (finally) watch Mad Max: Fury Road. That is, the post-apocalyptic religion. I guess that kind of leaves me to do a review of “everything else,” but there’s one main thing I want to talk about.

For one thing, and as I’ve said before, this was a movie we were really excited for, and were sad that we missed in theaters. We were literally in the hospital when it came out: it just wasn’t in the cards for us. In the cars?… Anyway, when we heard it was out digitally, we jumped, set aside time, even had people over.

And we always knew we were going to like it because, if nothing else, Borderlands. Neither of us have actually seen any of the original Mad Max movies, but we know that a large part of the aesthetic of the Borderlands video games is based on these movies. And then we saw the trailer, and we could see it: we could see Borderlands, and it was glorious in its ridiculous. I could be heard saying “if you’re going to make an action movie, make a movie like that.”

So let me first talk about what few expectations we had going into the movie, then discuss the number one thing we heard once the movie came out: feminism. This somehow managed to pique our already high interest even more… So join me for the review, then head off to buy yourself a digital copy of Mad Max: Fury Road!

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Movies We’re Sad We’re Missing in Theaters: Mad Max: Fury Road

Wow. That trailer. I pretty much have this to say: if you’re going to make an action movie, make one like this. Make one so over-the-top, so ridiculous, that every explosion, slow motion moment, or whatever, seems like it belongs with some classical music as well. This trailer has made us laugh out loud, made us smile, made us want to see this movie.

Due to the Geek Baby, we will sadly not be seeing the movie in theaters. Will definitely have to be rented at some point, though, if not bought! I have actually never seen any of the Mad Max movies that I can remember (though I think Holly has), but I do know that they are a major influence on one of our favorite video game franchises: Borderlands.

I watch that trailer, and I see Borderlands in movie form. For instance, I see Borderlands 2:

If you end up going to see Mad Max: Fury Road, opening today, let us know what you think – but no spoilers, please!