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Musical Score Memory

Near my work there is an historical organ that every Friday at lunch they have someone come in and play. It fills the sound of the building as the music plays on. One of the neatest songs that they will play is the song from the end of Star Wars Episode IV. Whenever I hear that song it just brings a smile to my face. I think about the great moment at the end of the movie where Han, Luke, and Chewbacca are all getting their awards. The triumphant feeling of having just blown up the Death Star. The music from the score just fills me with all the emotions from that moment in the movie, which is exactly what a good score is supposed to do.

A good score creates music that implants itself into your brain to help you recall the emotions of that moment. The great thing about these scores is also that you do not need to hear much usually to have your brain trigger the memory. It is amazing how a sequence of notes can bring such a flood of emotion. Continue reading

Five Great Parts of Bioshock Infinite

I recently talked about how Bioshock Infinite is still under the protection of the Statute of Limitations. However, I have now beaten it, and have gotten Holly started playing it, so I want to talk about the game a bit at least.

I don’t feel like enough time has passed for me to really say, but this is a contender for being one of my favorite games ever. And I don’t want to just say it – I am mulling over several of the reasons. So after the success of my post about Five Great Parts of Final Fantasy VIII – here are five great parts of Bioshock Infinite! I would say there are gameplay spoilers, but I will try to avoid plot spoilers!

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How to Prepare for Bioshock Infinite

So Bioshock Infinite comes out March 26th, and while we have our collector’s edition copy pre-ordered, there are some things it feels like might be helpful in preparing for the game. Gearing up for Bioshock Infinite? Or wondering what all the hubbub is about? Read on!

ALTERNATE BLOG POST TITLE: Trailer Watch: Bioshock Infinite

NOTE: I’m pretty sure this is not going to be a very serious post. But I hope you enjoy anyways. Onwards! Continue reading