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Verdict: The Musketeers

I discovered recently that the BBC started a new series based on The Three Musketeers called of course The Musketeers. As someone who has always felt a fondness for the story of the Three Musketeers I was very interested to see how BBC would deal with the story. I was also excited when I learned that Peter Capaldi plays Cardinal Richelieu because I had not seen him in anything before and he is going to be the next Doctor. This led me to decide to go ahead and just get the first season pass, which will only be ten episodes and the first three are ready now. The other night we put on the first episode to see what we had paid for and so far I am not disappointed.

In some ways with any story about Musketeers you kind of know what you are getting yourself into and there are certain characters that you expect to see and this show does not disappoint. Now I have seen the Disney movie a lot and love it. So I am always intrigued how they redo the characters that I know and love. The other part that I really enjoyed in this is the costuming and choreography. I do not actually know anything about sword fighting, but it looked good on screen, which is always fun. The first episode changes up the story to obviously extend and stretch out the story, but I think does a decent job although definitely with a sense that you understand and know this world.

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5 Reasons You Should Watch the BBC Show Broadchurch

So David and I have recently started watching the BBC Show Broadchuch now that it has become available in the United States. We are three episodes in with the fourth one downloaded and waiting to watch and we love it. It is only going to be eight episodes long, but so much has happened in just three episodes. Every episode there is a new reveal for one of the characters.

The basic premise is that an 11 year old boy is discovered murdered in the small town of Broadchurch. Being a small town everybody knows everybody else, so the question is in a small town like this who could have done it. Most of the police have never had to deal with a crime of this caliber and cannot even imagine how one of their own residents could have committed such a crime. So here are my 5 reasons that you should watch Broadchurch. Continue reading

The first question! Hidden in plain sight! “Doctor Who?” – A Character Study

Th Doctor is NeutralWith the Doctor Who season returning later this month, I wanted to spend a little time with everyone’s favorite Time Lord.

I recently presented the Doctor as, well, not a villain, nor a hero… not necessarily a good guy, but not an outright killer… But really, as a truly neutral force. But by no means a disinterested one – he is very actively engaged in the life of the universe, and maybe especially with the planet Earth.

So what do we know about the Doctor? Who is he? (See what I did there?…) Continue reading