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Supernatural – An Overview Part 2: The Villains

supernatural logoWelcome back to the conclusion of my two-part review on Supernatural. Last time I dealt with the heroes, including an overview of the stars of the show – Sam and Dean Winchester.

This time I’ll be taking a closer look at the villains; those harbingers of evil who make life extremely difficult for the Winchesters.


I had to deal with Crowley first. He’s the king of hell; the demon we love to hate, and secretly like a little (or is that just me?) He might be evil, unapologetically so, but he’s upfront about it. He has a nickname for the brothers – Squirrel and Moose. He mainly calls Dean by his given name though, whereas Sam is always Moose, and it makes me smile every time! When the need calls for it Crowley teams up with the Winchesters, and those episodes are always fraught with tension and much humour.

Crowley (to Sam): Who would have thunk it, ey, Moose? You and me. Same team. In the trenches. When this is over, we can get matching tattoos.

He has a voice like gravel, a sharp wit, and an attitude fit for his position. He might be the bad guy, but he’s so good at it – it’s hard not to love him!

Editor’s note: It’s none other than the always amazing Mark Sheppard!

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Comics Review – Amazing X-Men and the Return of Nightcrawler

I have been holding off on reviewing this comic until they completed their first story-arc, now ranging the first five issues. This comic was one of the first in the new lineup of Marvel titles, which they’re calling All New Marvel Now. And as all my titles changed over, this is the one I’ve stuck with.

The other comic I was reading still was Wolverine and the X-Men. However, this came to an end and they rebooted this title as well back at issue #1. Which partially means, a writer change. I was noticing that they had the same writer for the whole run of Wolverine and the X-Men… Jason Aaron. The new writer for Amazing X-Men.

Amazing X-Men #1!

Amazing X-Men #1!

So I think I have my replacement comic. Because this plot rolled out of one that had started in Wolverine and the X-Men from the very first issue. The story of the Bamfs, who looked so strangely like Nightcrawler… This comic picks up the plots, humor, and fun that I was loving in Wolverine and the X-Men! So let me review a couple of the aspects around it!

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The Once and Future Nightcrawler

Wolverine and the X-Men 32When I decided to get back into comics, I immediately went one place. I looked up my favorite character, Nightcrawler. A great character in my youth, reading Excalibur until it ended… A great character in Ultimate X-Men, where he is a product of the Weapon X project… A great character in the video games, where he can practically solo bosses…

So I returned to the Marvel Universe to find that Nightcrawler died.

I’d like to do a character study of Nightcrawler, but there’s a lot of history there. Like with Wolverine, I think I will focus mainly on lately in the comics, and about what Marvel has done with my hopes and dreams around this character.

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