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Lego Marvel Avengers – First Thoughts

We’ve been away from our beloved Lego games for a bit, but we wanted to dive back into one this week and of the ones we hadn’t played yet, Lego Marvel Avengers was the pick!

Unlike the last Marvel Lego outing – which was a new story and featured both the Avengers and a wide array of heroes like the X-Men and Fantastic Four – this one is an adaptation of the movies. Some of the movies, at least: The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, Captain America: The First Avenger, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Thor: The Dark World.

Basically, most of Marvel Phase 2. Sadly lacking from the game is Guardians of the Galaxy (Ant-Man could be fun too). Oddly included in the game is The First Avenger, but I guess that one at least should be a radically different location and gameplay than any of the rest, what with it set during World War 2. We’ll get some adventures in space still via The Dark World, and then lots of crises big and small with the rest.

We were warned by Julia: the game starts by dropping you into the fight at the beginning of Age of Ultron. This works since that scene is a fast-paced “look it’s all the Avengers, and they’re friends and working together and ACTION!”

It ends up serving a similar purpose in the game as in the movie, drawing you in and promising you more from the heroes you love. There was a somewhat boring 2-player moment towards the end of the opening level, when you’re attacking the Hydra base itself: Captain America is on the ground breaking things and doing Lego Stuff; Iron Man is flying in a neverending circle around the place against a neverending wave of flying enemies, shooting them down basically to just have something to do… hopefully there won’t be too many parts like that? It was fun for a bit but it ended up being a pretty long segment to just be doing that.

Then you’re out in the hub world, at least theoretically: at the SHIELD base from the beginning of The Avengers, the true chronological start to the game (other than, presumably, a flashback at some point taking us back into The First Avenger). Given that the base is destroyed by the end of the next level, it will be interesting to see if the game plays with a single hub between levels, or if it will be an ever-changing place. Or if we’ll just end up on the Helicarrier like in Lego Marvel Superheroes

The character abilities and all have been neat so far. Hawkeye has an arrow for everything, and is going to be incredibly useful for dealing with many of the standard Lego-level challenges. Black Widow was also great and had a lot of utility. Ironically, the more powerful superhero characters felt more specialized in their roles. Maria Hill had the first really unique ability we’ve seen in the game, where she summons down two SHIELD agents to join her and fight. Companions! It has amused me to no end.

Overall, we’re enjoying this, and getting the voices and all from the movies is cool (though we’re pretty sure that wasn’t Gwyneth Paltrow…). It’s hard though because I also feel like comparing it to the original story game. Lego has made some great original story games (the Batman games probably the best example), but then they’ve also done great work on movie adaptations (the Harry Potter ones and Star Wars both being particularly good). I also don’t know how much I feel like the addition of voices has helped or hurt their storytelling. But I’m sure we’ll be playing more of this one in the weeks to come!

There are two Americas.

Last week, I wrote a post about the Future of Leisure. I was toying with either that, or something about the political season we’re in, the future of… well… the future. I think instead I wrote my post about Leisure, kind of thinking about where I see the future going. Well, since then I’ve read something that does a pretty nice job of exploring that changing landscape.

But the geek in me wants to lay out some geeky context as well…

In thinking about this, here’s what I got to thinking about – comics. About a reboot of the character Hyperion from Marvel, a character that originally was basically just a Superman ripoff, but plot twist! he was a villain. This alternate reality version of him is being brought in as a hero, as a future Avenger. And so when they go through the work of introducing him, well… it’s stuck with me.



avengers-4-3There were two Hyperions. And there are two Americas.

Maybe you’ve seen this bouncing around Social Media, but there was an editorial recently on Cracked about there being two Americas, or, well, about how Trump supporters might actually make some sense. Warning now: language.

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What If? Infinity

One of my favorite comic runs I’ve ever read was Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers, which crossed over excellently in the “Infinity” storyline. I did a lot of blogging about Infinity, and you can read post like these before, during, and after posts. Or you could just go back to the beginning, which I now understand to be Fantastic Four

Meanwhile, one of Marvel’s most amusing and interesting ongoing series is What If? where they explore the question in terms of their different characters or storylines. So when I saw that they had done several comics regarding Infinity, I had to give it a look. There are five them, each asking “what if?” in terms of a different outcome of Infinity.

And yes, Hickman wrote a story with a lot of possibilities, a lot of points of failure. A lot of possible what-ifs. However, if I were to take this comic set as a whole, I would say that they just weren’t as good as Hickman’s original – or his alternatives. Part of what was great about his comics was the existence of alternate realities, and all sorts of exploration of what the characters and world would be in different configurations. In all the possible configurations…

And that’s what I didn’t like in the What If? series. Because really, all of these possible worlds exist within the main continuity as well – and they’re all crashing to an end. But there’s no mention of that in these what-ifs, not really… but that was the whole point of Infinity. That’s what was going wrong, that’s what drove the plot. If I were to write a What If? of Infinity, the focus would definitely be with the incursions. But alas… here’s the stories they did go with!

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Favorite Moments from AvX

Hope encountering the Phoenix Force So in a previous post I talked about how much I enjoyed AvX, but I tried so hard to not do any spoilers because I really enjoyed this cross over event. It spans across so many comics and does such a good job of really crossing over into the different stories.

This post is going to be very spoiler filled because there are some big events that happen, but it is nice that they don’t all happen in one single series. This cross over event is epic and world changing. The Phoenix is a force that cannot be controlled and that alone creates the base for a great and epic story. (Spoilers after the jump. You have been warned.) Continue reading

Origin Stories in the Marvel Universe, Moving Forward

Since we all seem to be covering a few comic book themed posts this week, I figured I’d jump in with some thoughts on how I think they handled two new characters in Civil War, and what I think that means for the MCU moving forward. I’m going to do my best to keep this vague and try not to spoil anything too much, just in case you haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet.

We know, just from the trailers, that Captain America: Civil War has the honor of introducing two much anticipated characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Black Panther and Spider-Man. The latter of the two has been the most talked about, considering the negotiations that had to take place for Disney to take over the character of Spider-Man from Sony. After trying to start two separate franchises based on Spider-Man and not succeeding, a lot of people, myself included, were excited to see what was going to be done with the character by the MCU. Black Panther is not as well-known by the general public (audiences who go to see the Marvel movies without reading the comics), and so his introduction to the MCU is, in a way, starting from scratch.

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