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Does a Character’s Sex Inherently Matter to the Story?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the new all-female led Ghostbusters movie. One of the comments that I have seen from a few people is that they have a problem with switching the characters from male to female because it was not originally intended to be female characters. The problem I have with this mindset is that it seem to say that the sex of a character inherently matters to the story, but this is not always the case. I think there are times where the sex does matter, but a lot of the time whether the character is male or female is not in and of itself important to the story. Some of the problem with this mindset, in my opinion, is that it kind of says there are certain characteristics, roles, and actions that can only be played out by one sex or another. Now, again, this is sometimes true, but for the most part I really don’t think it matters. Continue reading

5 Books I Have NOT Read, But Should


So I have decided to use this blog post to shame myself a little bit. The shame comes from a list books that I have not read, but feel that I should have by now. Particularly because I own all the books on the list, buying them with the thought that I should read them. Now obviously I have not felt enough guilt about not reading them to actually read them, so obviously I am not that shamed by it, but it is something I keep telling myself I need to do.

What I mean by books I need / should read are ones that I just remember being a big deal at some point in my past. Either they were widely regarded novels that I had not read that related to some other cultural artifact I was interested in or they are often used as references in other areas I am interested in and feel I should understand the source material better. I know that is vague, but you will understand better when you actually see the list, which will go from my feeling of least shameful to most. Continue reading