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The Relief of Irreverent Humor

It feels like just yesterday I was writing about using media and pop culture to temporarily escape the horrors of our world but, well…here we are again. Instead of talking about the broad benefits of escapism, I think I’ll muse on the intellectual benefits of irreverent humor by talking about some of my favorite satire and dark humor shows.

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What’s On Netflix April 2016

I’ve been a tad bit distracted this week getting ready to pack for a trip back home, but that hasn’t stopped me from noticing that new seasons of a few of my favorite shows are coming to Netflix this week.

Archer Season 6, available now

Archer is one of my absolute favorite shows, but I feel like I need to include a disclaimer. It is one of the most irreverent, offensive shows on TV, so if that is not your brand of humor, it’s probably not for you. However, if that sounds like your cup of tea (or, with Archer, whiskey) then all 6 seasons are now on Netflix just in time for season 7’s premiere tonight.

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