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Have online services finally figured out the idea of a family?

Holly and I use a lot of online services – video watching, e-book reading, gaming, music, apps… And all of these work off of individual accounts. When we met, we already had accounts with a lot of the big names – Apple, Amazon, things like that. As we started to grow collections like Kindle books and iPhone apps, we were doing so in parallel accounts.

That meant for us to share Kindle books, we were having to use each other’s Kindles, for Apps we’ve had to buy a number of duplicates. For music, we’d have to burn a CD to share, which we often forgot to do so it was hard to share music. For downloading movies or TV shows, we always had to figure out which account or computer to put it on.

However, of late this problem seems to be going away. I’m not sure how long all of these options have been a thing, but once we found one, we went hunting for others and were not disappointed.

I think it started with Apple, who were advertising their new Family accounts earlier this year. This let us finally connect our Apple accounts, giving us access to each others’ Apps (useful for, for instance, the Board Game apps we had only bought on one account each) and music (great for all those albums we had never shared). It also meant that who had which TV shows or movies didn’t matter, and we could make those decisions more on whose computer has more HD space.

Then we went and looked at Amazon, and found that it finally also has family accounts! Which is great, and was just in time – we could both have easy access to the baby-related Kindle books we’ve gotten, and things like that. It also removes a lot of the issue with us making one of our two accounts into a Prime account. Sadly, we have not found any way to really run a joint Wish List yet, so there’s room for improvement on Amazon yet!

There’s family Gold now on X-Box, though we dropped Gold there just because we haven’t had a ton of gaming time there (and have been on the PS3 more). When we added NetFlix back recently the account can be set up with different viewers – which was bad when it came to setting up the data settings, as Holly mentioned, and which is good with the Kids option which we’ll eventually make use of.

All in all, it feels like the Internet finally has some idea of taking these individual user accounts, and linking them within a household. Which is the sort of thing that users have been awkwardly trying to do for ages. It’s going to happen, so it’s good that they’ve made ways to try and make it easy.

How about you – any services like this that you’ve found, or any you wish would add a family option? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Great Baby Products (from day 1)

With baby showers, registry, hand-me-downs, and such, it’s easy to be quickly drowning in a sea of baby things. And the savvy shoppers will also buy you larger size clothes, which are great with the baby growing so fast but aren’t essential from the get-go. And there’s always the fun toys, books, all that, which the baby just does not pay attention to at first.

And while we’re starting now to get some use out of these more advanced items with the Geek Baby, there were several items which stood out as really excellent at first, and it seems like a good time to reflect back on them. I was presenting last week at a “Just for Dads” class for expecting dads, and was asked what sorts of stuff I recommended having, and that got me thinking about it.

This list isn’t completely geeky… but it is somewhat. Certainly several of these are items for “parents these days” and are probably not things that would have made a list like this in the past! So in no particular order, five baby things that got a ton of use right from the start with our Geek Baby!

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First Thoughts on Warmachine

I actually haven't bought any yet.

I actually haven’t bought any yet.

I mentioned recently that I have taken up the tabletop war game Warmachine to demonstrate the game at an upcoming gaming con here in town. I made this as an educated decision with the help of a friend, and a bit of looking online at prices and such. And hey, I have at least the one friend who plays…

However, I didn’t really know much more than that. I ordered my first clockworks mechs in the form of a Battle Box – a leader and three mechs. I hoped, perhaps foolishly, that this was all I needed to play.

Well, I’ve hunted down some rules information, received my Battle Box, and done some army math… so a few real first impressions now of Warmachine! I’m pretty excited to give it a go, but currently all of my models are in tiny pieces with no instructions…

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Great Organization Tools

So one of these tools I discovered recently and the other one I have been using for a while. Both of them are great for organizing thoughts, ideas, and projects. I use Evernote to organize my note taking on various subjects. I create notebooks for various projects where I need to organize my thoughts. I often use it to write down thoughts that I have for posts and add links to information if that is needed. The other one is something I discovered at work recently called asana. It is more about projects and tasks, but it is a great way to get yourself organized and if you are working on a project with others to add them to the list. Both of these are super easy to use and I have found them to be a great asset.

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