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Once Upon A Time

I’m going to try to keep this only mildly spoiler-y, but considering people nowadays call “Spoiler!” over things that are in trailers (newsflash: that’s what trailers are, they tease you with spoilers so you’ll watch) I’m going to say; there may or may not be spoilers ahead.

I absolutely love Once Upon a Time. I remember when I first tried to watch the premiere in 2011, I thought it was really gimmicky and decided not to continue watching the series. Thanks to the amazing advent of Netflix bingeing, though, when Once Upon a Time was put on Netflix I sat and watched the first episode again. On second viewing of the premiere, more than the tale of Snow White and Prince Charming, I got sucked into the story of Emma and Henry.

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Verdict: Galavant

Last night David and I got to watch the two-episode premiere of Galavant, a new comedy musical extravaganza. The best description might be Monty Python meets Princess Bride meets Robin Hood: Men in Tights. The story itself takes the typical heroic love story and immediately turns it on its head. The episodes had me laughing out loud and fully engaged in what ridiculous antics they were going to get into next. The wit and jokes just keep on coming and the characters themselves each have little quirks or eccentricities that make them over the top and hilarious. So if you cannot already tell we loved this show and are looking forward to the other 6 episodes! Continue reading