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Encore – Our Contributors/Avengers World

Alright, so I’m leaning pretty heavily on my Avengers analogy I talked about the other day. But I had to call the post something, right?

I want to collect together all the wonderful contributions we’ve had in the last 6 weeks. By topic! If there’s some you missed and that sound interesting, please give them a read. And if you’re not following them, please check out our contributors at their home blogs – and expect to see many of them again soon!

From Infinity #5

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Science Fiction Today – Everything

EToday we’re going to do something a little different. Some of the reason is because a lot of hot topics start with the letter “E.” The rest of the reason is that we’ve covered a lot of these topics already!

Rather than rehash a topic, I’ll link to the previous posts we have on the topics we had in mind for “E.” So if you’re racing through A to Z posts, today’s like a breather, and you could save this post for later… but otherwise, here are some great posts from the archives!

Clearly we had the letter “E” already covered. You can read these and all our Science Fiction Today posts by clicking this link. And day by day throughout the challenge, that link will grow all the more awesome!


This post is part of the April A to Z Challenge, and also part of our occasional series on Science Fiction Today. You can read an explanation of both here. We are striving to keep these posts short, and know that we have not covered every example or angle – plenty of room for discussion!