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The Rivals for Catan – a Review

Holly and I were able to pick up a couple of board games last week on sale, and so of course we needed to check them out! One was a game we had been looking for for a long time: a two-player version of the classic Settlers of Catan. Our local game store regularly had the small box that was the 5-6 player expansion, but not the stand-alone 2-player game.

The Rivals for Catan

Not so this time! They had it: The Rivals for Catan. This game is made for only two players, which is a subset of games Holly and I love to check out. A lot of games are made for more players, and come up with some complicated version for two – a recent example was 7 Wonders. Some games don’t even try, like Settlers of Catan itself – it’s a 3-4 player game. We made the mistake of giving it as a gift to a couple – they can’t play it just the two of them!

So our quick review? This game captures the feeling of Settlers of Catan, it is well balanced (which, bad balancing can really remove the fun from a 2-player game!), and it has a bunch of play variants. This one box allows for 5 different games to play! Want to know more than that? Read on!

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7 Wonders, the Board Game

7 Wonders board Game

For how much David and I love playing board games we really do not talk about them enough. We had played 7 Wonders once before at a friends house or watched it being played and last night we got to get together with a friend and really test out the game by playing a borrowed copy. Honestly this game is so much fun. It seems complicated, but it is reasonably easy to understand. Yet, it has a great element of strategy to it as well.

The basic idea of the game is that you are one of the cities building one of the 7 wonders of the world. You are trying to build up trade, infrastructure, science buildings, troops, and of course the Wonder of the World. You have three ages in which to build up your city as much as possible to try and get the most points. There are a couple of interesting elements to the game that make it function similarly to the idea of having neighboring cities and dealing with them. It is a game with a lot of strategy, but it is great because it is a limited time frame, so it has a nice balance to it. Continue reading