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Happy Friday: X-Men Apocalypse First Official Trailer

As CompGeek Siblings, David and I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons together, especially X-Men. Personally I’ve been incredibly happy with the First Class movies (more so than I was with the first trilogy; as much as I love some of the actors, the second two movies fell a bit flat for me) and so I was really excited to see the first trailer for Apocalypse. The first two movies were fantastically done, and some of the new faces in this one have me super stoked (Sophie Turner as Jean Grey? Olivia Munn as Psylocke? Eeee!) I can’t wait for this to come out!

Thoughts? Are you as excited for this upcoming X-Men film?


Legends of Tomorrow – Best Show Ever?

Holly and I both had to text message in all-caps after watching this. Having hit their stride with Arrow and Flash, Legends of Tomorrow looks like a time-traveling good time. Like, really really good. Can it be January now, so we can watch it please?

The “Legends of Today” and “Legends of Yesterday” crossover episodes sure got us extra excited! How about you – excited? Indifferent?  Let us know in the comments!

Thoughts on Exclusives

Recently the trailer that was shown at Comic Con for Suicide Squad got leaked on to the Internet and then shortly afterward got officially released. The only reason that it got officially released is because the WB did not want the shaky phone cam footage of the trailer to represent the film. They actually went so far as to admonish any fan who posted or shared the footage as it was illegal and they wanted to create a special or exclusive experience for the Comic Con attendees.

Exclusives can be great incentives for people to buy or attend something, but can some exclusives be either elitist or seem counter intuitive? A lot of times video games have exclusive content based on the console the game is on, which awards people who own that console. Other people still get to play the game, even if they miss out on that one piece. It is the same thing for exclusives during pre-orders that those who are willing to put down their money early can get extra features, but anyone can buy the game later and play the same game. These are very different types of exclusives than showing a trailer only at a convention and it makes me wonder if they really do anything. 

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Goosebumps, the Movie

I don’t know about you, but I grew up reading Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. I had no idea that they were making a movie of the books until I recently saw that there was a preview for the movie. At first I was not sure how they were going to pull off doing a movie of what is essentially a bunch of scary stories. After watching the preview though I am kind of excited about this movie because they take it to a different level. Instead of it being a story like Goosebumps it is actually telling the story as though R.L. Stine is in one of his own books. Taking it to that level really plays homage to all the stories that were written.

Big Game – Ridiculous Looking Movie

One of our favorite movie going experiences ever was Snakes on a Plane.
Not because there was any great cinematic anything in that film, but because it owned the fact that it was utterly ridiculous. Also, we were the only ones in the theatre (a group of us) and we got to interact with the movie more that way.

Well, it looks like Samuel L. Jackson, the BAMF himself, is doing it again. We saw the add for this movie – Big Game – and it just looks ridiculous. But in that great way. And they’ve figured out how the fun works, too – the movie is coming out in theatres, and on iTunes, the same day. Today.

So grab some friends, leave your serious side behind, and check out Big Game this weekend. I know we’re going to try to!