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Building on the Ashes of Another’s Work

So an interesting thing happened this past week and that is videos started showing up on the old “SourceFed Nerd” YouTube channel, but now it is called “NowThis Nerd”. For anyone who does not know around a month ago it was decided by the parent company that “SourceFed Nerd” would be no more and they fired all the staff working on that channel. It seemed that would be the end of that channel and they would move any similar content to a different franchise. Then this past week or two it appears that instead of starting a new channel they are building upon the ashes of the channel that they burned to the ground.

It has been an interesting move because the name and everything just feels like trying to ransack the channel that they just destroyed. Now this is a business so I understand why a decision like this might be made, but I do wonder if it is the best decision that could be made.

Building a New Channel

Now obviously the first thing would be – why you couldn’t build a new channel and advertise it on the old one? Let people know that you have moved this content to a new channel and say we would love to have you join us. It would be polite, but wouldn’t feel quite as much of a betrayal to the original fans of the show. At the same time building a new channel with a new following takes a lot of time and effort. There is not a history of episodes to make money off of and for people to find, as well as the fact that you are having to build a brand new audience. Even if you advertise to the old audience there is no guarantee that anyone will come over to the new channel you created. It does not help if you name the new channel a seeming copy of the old one, but it is potentially difficult to avoid.

Renaming the Existing Channel

The direction that they obviously chose to go is to rename the existing channel and try to build from there. Now this could work because offering similar content does mean that you are offering the information that the current audience wants, but at the same time it is a risk. A lot of times people do not just come for the content, but the people. So to fire the people and build up something new with a new production cast can come across as a little disingenuous. It is probably why someone decided to create a Twitter account using the new name and devote it to bashing the new channel. So far the reaction has been pretty bad from the fans with dislikes and negative comments galore.

Will It Work?

Now the big question is will it work and I think that it eventually will if the content is good. I think they will have lost a ton of people at the beginning who might have eventually watched, who definitely won’t now, but that doesn’t mean that they will not build up new people. Folks who did not watch “SourceFed Nerd” who are already fans of “Now This” might be willing to watch a channel dedicated to nerd news. The question is how long are they willing to hold out and how long with the rage of the fans last. Yes, at first here there is a big backlash, but in a month, three months are people still going to be logging in whenever a video is posted just to bash it? I don’t know.

I just think eventually it will fade and they will be able to distance themselves from this. I do think that there were some bad decisions made that they will cost them a bit and it depends on how long they are willing to hold out to make it work.


Doctor Who Series 10

Now this is only after watching the first two episodes of Doctor Who Series 10, but so far I am loving the new companion. Bill as played by the amazing Pearl Mackie is absolutely brilliant. So far the episodes have really turned around in my opinion. I have always loved Peter Capaldi, but Clara in particular was just lacking. Watching this new companion I am kind of realizing the difference. Clara was always a little bit lacking because she was sort of forced in to traveling with the Doctor and even though she enjoys going along there was a little bit of a lack of joy in some of her travels. In Bill we have found the joy of traveling with the Doctor again.

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Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu

So this is the show that I need to find a way to watch. Everything that I have read about it makes  me want to watch it, but unfortunately right now we do not have Hulu. We ended up switching to Netlix because there were more original shows that we were watching and Hulu lost access to the CW. At the same time the question is will The Handmaid’s Tale become available to purchase somewhere else eventually or will it only be available on Hulu for such a long time that I want to just watch it there? It isn’t really like much can be given away because it is based on a book, but sitting around seeing these gorgeous visuals and hearing about the performances of some amazing actors and actresses just makes me want to watch it even more.


So the main character is played by Elizabeth Moss who everyone says is amazing, which I do not doubt. It sounds like much of her acting is about silent subtle facial expressions while her voice over tells the audience her true underlying feelings. That alone makes for such an interesting way to tell the story. In a world where saying anything against the ruling people could mean death our thoughts are the only way to rebel. Now Moss is joined with Samira Wiley, Alexis Bedel, and Ralph Fiennes all whom I have loved in other things. The little I have seen of clips and trailers all of the actors look incredible in their scenes.


There is an amazing timeliness to this series coming out now. When we see some groups who would probably be willing to see women no longer working and men should be in control it is hard not to imagine a world where this is possible because it happens. It is good to look at these dystopian futures and remember the perseverance, but also know that we do not want that to happen. These stories are important warnings about what has happened and what could happen. The ideas of many dystopias are not far off from things that have come before. People have turned a blind eye to small changes before until finally the world is on fire and they wonder how it got that far.

Hulu or Not Hulu

So the big question though is that do I want it enough to possibly pay for Hulu again. Now we could just plan for a month to try and watch the whole series, but do we really want to do that? If we get hooked then that means that we will want to pay again for the second season. The other option is to wait until it potentially comes out on DVD or to purchase digital and basically take the risk of just buying it. I am already watching so many shows, but this one just seems so poignant and the rave reviews just make it seem like a show that needs to be seen.

What do you think?

Consequences of an Online Presence

I find it amazing when someone decides to start being active online in some form or another and then is surprised when others start to respond to what they are sharing. I think there are those that purposefully try and get a rise out of people. A lot of the prank YouTube channels in particular seem to be that their goal is to shock, to make a video that goes viral. Then there are those that seem to be creating, thinking it will be funny, or because they have fun doing it and don’t expect the reaction to some of the things that they create.

Recently there has been some stories about a family with five kids who run a prank channel where the parents run pranks on the kids. Now they have around 765,000 subscribers and recently some of their videos had started gaining some tractions. The reaction to the videos was not all positive because in some of the videos the kids seem like they are in distress. Understandably some people get upset about this and while I disagree with people sending threats I am not surprised it happened. What amazes me is how surprised the parents are at people’s reaction. If you start putting yourself out there in any way online you have to be prepared for the potential backlash and really think about what you are putting out there and if you can stand by it.

Online Audience

The very nature of an online audience is that it can be anyone anywhere. Now usually you will end up finding people who are a similar interest with what you are posting. At the same time if you start getting a larger audience you are more likely to find people who disagree or even potentially disapprove. Going in to the experience of online sharing you almost have to anticipate that there will come a time when someone will disagree with the very existence of what you are sharing. If you spend any time online you see these things all the time, I mean just look at the comments section of a simple news article. It cannot be that hard to believe.

Internet Trolls

The other piece that you have to recognize is that there are some people out there whose sole purpose in life seems to be to get a rise out of someone. They just want to argue for argument’s sake instead of contributing anything meaningful to a conversation. When you are dealing with someone who is a troll there just is no point in even engaging, which can be hard. They will write pages in response without saying anything, but trying to make it sound like you are wrong no matter what the circumstances. It can be hard not to respond when you are faced with such opposition, but ultimately it is a futile effort that will just leave you frustrated.

Consider Content

Now one thing I have to point out is almost anything can be considered controversial, but there are definitely some things that people post online and all I can think is, “you really though that was a good idea?” There are things that are going to potentially draw more ire than others and you either prepare for those consequences or just don’t do it. At the same time there are people for whom their perspective just doesn’t prepare them for understanding that there might be a different way to do things.

The Daddy of Five YouTube is a good example because they do not seem to understand how or why people are getting so upset it’s just a prank and even now they have revealed that it was all fake (they have also made all their videos private). Now there are still questions of how real or fake the videos are, but it is the fact that you started making these videos and didn’t expect that it could get bad eventually. A lot of prank channels (that don’t include kids) already get some heat just due to the content and the actions that they take. It is the people who react like they don’t think those reactions might be a possibility that just baffle me.

Going in to any sort of online media you have to understand that you are opening yourself up for others to react to you good or bad.

Mass Effect Andromeda Female Characters

So I have only gotten through the first two planets on Mass Effect Andromeda so don’t know that I can talk too much about the game overall quite yet. The one thing that I have definitely noticed is that there are some amazing female characters so far. There were definitely some strong female characters in the past games as well, but I don’t know why in this new game I am definitely loving so many of the female characters. Most of them are coming along the adventure with you, but there are others that you just interact with along the way. It has just felt kind of refreshing to see a lot of females getting stuff done and taking care of business.

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