Ranking the DC and Marvel TV Shows – Comparative Opinions Episode 64

Welcome to the Comparative Opinions podcast! This week, hosts Holly and David rank all of the current shared-universe Marvel TV shows, and shared-universe DC TV shows, all against each other. Does this list match your own? Let us know! Then they end with a bit of a discussion of The Punisher, which is coming soon – where will it fall in the rankings?

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One response to “Ranking the DC and Marvel TV Shows – Comparative Opinions Episode 64

  1. So….I haven’t really watched Legends of Tomorrow yet….but here it is:

    Bottom (Shows I dropped by episodes I watched):
    Supergirl (Which I dropped after the Pilot…I tried again two times by now, but nope, I just can’t with the show)
    The Inhumans (which I guess I will watch to the end eventually because it is only a few episodes, but this is hardly an achievement…but who knows the back half might surprise me)
    Flash (dropped after season 1)
    Arrow (dropped after the first episode of season 3 when I realized that the CW show would never let go of creating cheap and meaningless melodrama which isn’t earned)

    Middle Tier (Show I did watch, but have some issues with):
    Defenders (which was kind of a let-down for reasons I will mention later)
    Luke Cage (The show really goes downhill when they introduce Diamondback…so much missed potential)
    Daredevil (I just can’t with the second half of Daredevil Season 2, the whole Elektra Arc is the worst Netflix has ever done and putting it into the centre of Defenders dragged that show down, too)
    Iron Fist (Which I enjoyed considerably more than you two did, because I actually like the characters in the show, especially Ward and Colleen. Plus, unlike with the other Netflix shows, the best episodes are in the backend instead of starting great and then filling time until the finale, which makes for a much more satisfying viewing experience imho).
    Agent Carter (which would most likely be a Top tier show, if not for them cutting off the story they started in season 2. Mind you, the show would still loose point for using an entire season to set up a future storyline instead of focussing on the story at hand properly, but I think if there had been a proper wrap up, I would be way more ready to forgive the show for only delivering a kind of enjoyable second season after the excellence which was season 1).

    Top Tier (Shows which are absolutely awesome and I have only minor issues with):
    Jessica Jones (which isn’t exactly a show I would put in for fun, because it is a really hard watch at times, but I adore Jessica and Trish, I really like what the show has to say about the different forms of abusive relationships, and damn is Killgrave creepy!)
    Agents of Shield. Yes, this is right, I consider Agents of Shield easily the best of the bunch (at least on an enjoyment level, I guess thematically Jessica Jones has it beat). I would even go so far to say that it is the best comic book show ever. And here is why: Most shows only manage to deliver quality for a few episodes or so. Long running shows usually peak in season 2 or 3 and then steadily decline. Agents of Shield is different. While it had a wonky start it just keeps getting better and better. I can count the episodes I disliked on one hand, which is a huge deal with a show which has by now 88 episodes. Unlike the Netflix shows, it doesn’t tend to drag out storylines in order to fill a season, quite the opposite, it I have a beef with the show is that it sometimes rushed through storyarcs a little bit fast (but then, better than the opposite, I hate it when shows string me along). In fact, there wasn’t one single filler episode in the last season (and the two beforehand had both episode which can be considered filler but not really). And Agents of Shield does avoid all the BS I really hate in genre shows. No contrived drama. If there is a problem which can be solved by two characters just talking to each other, guess what, they will talk to each other, if not in this episode than in the next. When there is a dramatic turn, it always feels earned, because there is always a proper built up to it. I am crazily invested in the characters, especially in Fitzsimmons, but I adore them all (though I needed longer to warm up to some of them). But above all: This is the one show on TV which surprises my on a regular basis. It nearly never does what I expect it to do, and even when it does, it usually does it in an unexpected manner. It also shows that it has a higher budget than either the CW or the Netflix shows.

    You are watching Agents of Shields wrong btw. This is not a show which one should either binge (because if you do, you rob yourself of the fun trying to guess what happens next and then being wrong about it) or watch with huge breaks in-between (because the show actually trusts in the intelligence of the audience and expects it remember what lead to the situation on hand). The best way to see it is step by step to the end of season 2, then rewatch the first two seasons (since this is like watching The Sixth Sense or The Shawshank redemption again, it is such a different experience when you actually know what the characters are about and why they act the way they do). and then delve deep in season three. Though I wouldn’t recommend watching season 4 (which is as close to perfect as a TV show can get imho) without having something to calm the nerves nearby. Especially from episode 15 onwards the show pulls out all the stops in a way only a show which invested so much time in character development is able to do.

    So, yeah, bottom line is that I enjoy Marvel TV more than the CW verse…mostly because there is more variety. The CW shows are all kind of samey, but Marvel TV offers something for everyone.


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