Week in Geek Episode 8

Week in Geek, episode 8, recorded 10/11/17. News since last recording, including: Blade Runner 2049 box office; Scorsese blames Rotten Tomatoes as Hollywood’s biggest problem; Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood’s actual biggest problem; Marvel’s bad NYCC including Punisher delayed, retailers breakfast gone wrong, and a deal with their very own villains; DC’s decent NYCC including Justice LeagueBatman: The Animated Series coming to Blu-Ray, and Constantine coming to Legends of Tomorrow; and a listing of top current shows for conservatives and liberals, of which the hosts watch some of each.

Here’s a link to our Blade Runner 2049 discussion. And here’s a link to Martin Scorsese’s article, which we perhaps did not fully represent. Oh, and here’s that article listing top conservative and liberal shows.

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Music is by Scott Gratton:

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