Daily Archives: September 11, 2017

Things Keep Happening – Meme Monday

Scott Pilgrim is the voice of my generation as far as I’m concerned, so it makes sense to come back to time and again. I don’t even actually have my copy of the comics right now (that’d be with Julia), but quite a bit has stuck in my head. So I definitely think and say the phrase “things keep happening” at times thinking of this… without others perhaps getting it.

We’ve been moving in a bit more – movies and books are on shelves, necessary new pieces are coming into place. We’ve been cleaning hoping that the fleas are gone and stay that way. We’ve been potty training.

Hmmm, another reference maybe only I get… (it wasn’t just me – check the thread).

I’m back to occasional evening shifts, which I haven’t much had in a couple years (had weekend shifts instead), too. The long and short of all of this is… the site has not been getting as much attention lately. Sorry about that!

Hopefully you’re enjoying the podcasts, we’ve been enjoying getting those together and out still. Let us know if there’s a topic or news story you’d like us to cover!

Other than that… what references do you like to drop that you feel like should be a meme but that maybe only you get?