Daily Archives: August 16, 2017

Trying to dive back into painting – Warmachine Wednesday!

It’s been a while – what with packing up, leaving my models at Chad’s house, and moving in – but I thought I would try to get some painting going on my Trollbloods! I was just getting this going before things like that got set down in our lives several months ago, so I needed a way to get back in.

One thing is that I picked up a good red color I plan to use for the Tartan area of the models. I have tried green, but red will I think stand out better from the blue skin and the various leather and metals. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s the final piece that will let me start finishing models.

However, actually getting models out and getting some paint on them – in our new space – was what I needed to do. So I decided to go with something simple, and which will help when playing the game. I got some arc markings painted! So that you can tell what the front half of the model is, for showing where the models can see.

Oh, and I think I’ve figured out my basing, as well. With the Northkin coming soon – and the general Northkin bent of my collection – I think that the snowy north sounds good. Also, I won these wonderfully painted models on eBay…

Whoa, that ended up quite dark, didn’t it? Let’s try with one of the new lights in the house…

Wow, that almost give a light box effect. Maybe I need to get something to put things on to hold under the light, for photography!

Anyway, the snow basing on these guys is awesome, and a simple touch to make a Northkin army! I’ll be looking into how to do this, to truly be able to finish models. But for now, I’ve gotten paint on some models, and broken the ice, so to speak. Now it’s time to go play with my new buffalo riding trolls!