Daily Archives: August 15, 2017

Obsessively Listening to: Foster the People, Sacred Hearts Club

Recently I wrote a post about how a lot of the alternative rock bands we follow were releasing albums this summer. When most of these had come out, Holly and I reflected on these and some others that had come out this year.

However, when we were getting ready to record that podcast, I found out that the last album I had been waiting for had come out: Foster the People’s new one, Sacred Hearts Club. It was too late, we went on to record, and left that to listen to later.

I have since listened to the album.

Like, a lot.

It looks like they just released a music video for this last one, “Doing it for the money.” It’s based on the dreams of computers, which, if you’ve seen those, well… be ye so warned. If not, well, I don’t have words to warn you.

The word club in the title is apt, because that seems like the place where most of this album belongs: in a club, dancing, enjoying it. I’ve danced to some of Foster the People’s stuff before at a wedding, it’s fun. This one for sure sounds like that’s what they’re going for, but it’s overt here.

Anyway, I’m loving it, and as is the custom these days, you can find most of the music on their official YouTube channel. Enjoy!